• TalmudPhoto of The Talmud

    The Talmud

    [bzplayer hls=”https://hidabroot.streamgates.net/Hidabrut/en/Rabbi-Yaakov-Lynn_Miscellaneous_The-Origin-and-Development-of-the-Written-and-Oral-Law_The-Talmud_54976.smil/playlist.m3u8″]

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  • TalmudPhoto of Women, Talmud & Rabbis’ Advice

    Women, Talmud & Rabbis’ Advice

    [bzplayer hls=”https://hidabroot.streamgates.net/Hidabrut/en/Rabbi-Yaakov-Lynn_Women-and-Judaism_The-Origin-and-Development-of-the-Written-and-Oral-Law_Women-Talmud-and-Rabbis-Advice_54976.smil/playlist.m3u8″]Rabbi Yaakov Lynn discusses why Jewish women don't traditionally learn Gemara and why Jews ask their rabbis for advice.…

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  • TalmudPhoto of Deriving Oral Torah from Written Torah

    Deriving Oral Torah from Written Torah

    [bzplayer hls=”https://hidabroot.streamgates.net/Hidabrut/en/Rabbi-Yaakov-Lynn_Miscellaneous_The-Origin-and-Development-of-the-Written-and-Oral-Law_Deriving-Oral-Torah-from-Written-Torah_54976.smil/playlist.m3u8″]Rabbi Yaakov Lynn discusses various understandings of the often-misunderstood concept of Biblical exegesis and derivations from extra letters and…

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  • TalmudPhoto of The History of the Oral Law – Part 1

    The History of the Oral Law – Part 1

    [bzplayer hls=”https://hidabroot.streamgates.net/Hidabrut/en/Rabbi-Yisrael-Choleva_Miscellaneous__The-History-of-the-Oral-Law-Part-1_54951.smil/playlist.m3u8″] In this session Rabbi Choleva tracks the development of the Oral Law from Mount Sinai until the time…

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  • TalmudPhoto of Picking & Choosing Commandments

    Picking & Choosing Commandments

    [bzplayer hls=”https://hidabroot.streamgates.net/Hidabrut/en/Rabbi-Yaaqob-Menashe_Miscellaneous_Non-Stop-Torah_Picking-and-Choosing-Commandments_54875.smil/playlist.m3u8″] What does the rainbow symbolize in Judaism? G-d does only good for us, but what does G-d ask…

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  • TalmudPhoto of Questions and Answers – 15

    Questions and Answers – 15

    [bzplayer hls=”https://hidabroot.streamgates.net/Hidabrut/en/Rabbi-Dr.-David-Gottlieb_Judaism-101-QandA_Jewish-Philosophy_Questions-and-Answers-15_49040.smil/playlist.m3u8″] Why don't religious girls learn the Talmud? Why do Jewish males wear Tzitzit and head coverings? Does G-d…

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  • TalmudPhoto of Parshat Ha’azinu – Part 1

    Parshat Ha’azinu – Part 1

    [bzplayer hls=”https://hidabroot.streamgates.net/Hidabrut/en/Rabbi-Reuven-Lauffer_Haazinu_Chumash-Insights_Parshat-Haazinu-Part-1_49395.smil/playlist.m3u8″] The Talmud says that there have been nine unique songs, sung over the period of Jewish history. The…

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