A Recipe for a Refreshingly Green Shake

    One cup of this green shake provides the body with adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, fibers, and antioxidants essential in…

    Rethink Your Phone – Don’t Try This at Home

    Watch: A powerful clip stressing the effects of 'the phone' on society

    Morning Prayers: Until When?

    Until what time may one recite the Shacharit prayer?

    10 Facts about Hacham Rabbi Yehuda Fattiah, on the Anniversary of His Passing

    Today, the 27th of Av, is the anniversary of the passing of Hacham Rabbi Yehuda Fattiah, one of the greatest…

    Shabbat – The Seventh Dimension: The Spiritual Within the Physical

    One of the most cherished mitzvot in the Torah that seems to have a restrictive component is Shabbat. However, a…

    Marc Zuckerberg Shares his Yom Kippur Introspection

    Maybe we too should question our past deeds and fix what we can


    Abortion is in other words a helpless murder that takes place in the mother’s womb. In order to silence the…
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