Interpersonal Relationship Tools – Part 9 – Sandwich with Appreciation

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    Open Your Eyes – The Importance of Gratitude

    [bzplayer hls=”″]

    Yom Kippur – The Book of Yona

    [bzplayer hls=”″] What is the message of the Book of Yona? Why didn't Yona want to fulfill his prophecy? Learn…

    Two Halves of a Whole – 04×02 – Different Language

    [bzplayer hls=”×02-Different-Language_53692.smil/playlist.m3u8″]

    Tapping into a G-d Experience

    [bzplayer hls=”″] Why does the word G-d have so little meaning to so many people? Rabbi David Aaron explains how…

    Jewish Identity

    [bzplayer hls=”″]What effect do our clothes have on our identity? Rabbi Kaplan delivers an inspiring lecture, illustrating the real identity…

    Chukat – The Mystery of the Red Heifer

    [bzplayer hls=”″] The ultimate meaning of the laws regarding the ritual of the Red Heifer is beyond us. Rabbi Breitowitz…

    How Does Prayer Help? – Part 1

    [bzplayer hls=”″]If everything is for the good, so why should one pray to change things? Can we change the future…

    Parshat Bereishit – Keep Away from Jealousy

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    Yaakov & Eisav: The Battle for a Spiritual Life

    [bzplayer hls=”″]The rivalry between the two biblical sons of our forefather, Yitzchak, has more to it than meets the eye.…
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