Concepts in Judaism

Why did G-d Create the World?

Why did G-d create human beings? What is the purpose of creation? Rabbi Chaimowitz elaborates based on traditional Jewish sources

Jewish Psychology

The Earth Element in Your Personality - Part 1

Join Rebbetzin Rochel Silber in a fascinating series of lectures on how to bring out your true potential. Figure out who you really are!

The Essence of Shabbat

Shabbat - Uniting the Jewish People

What is the theme and purpose of Shabbat? Rabbi Breitowitz explains how to connect to the beauty and spirituality of this holy day  

Basic Judaism

Why Keep Kosher?

What are the benefits of keeping kosher? Why do Jews keep kosher? Is the reason for keeping kosher related to health?

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Chavah - The Mother of All Living Beings

Whenever a person stumbles, even terribly, he need not despair that he has permanently failed in life. He can recover from this mistake and fulfill his potential. However, the example of Chavah teaches that the path to recovery requires significant effort