Maimonides – The Rambam: 10 Facts in Honor of His Yohrtzeit

    Is this what he really looked like? Which books didn’t he complete?  Today the 20th of Tevet is his Yohrtzeit.…

    Mordechai Shapiro: Kdei Lehodos – Official Music Video

    Song Composed by Yitzy Waldner & Mordechai Shapiro. Happy Chanukah!

    Why Stick to the Truth?

    Maimonides tells us what we gain from sticking to the truth and living according to it

    Why Doesn’t My Wife Invest in Our Marriage?

    I always give her self help books to fix herself up and she doesn't read them!

    The Effect of Music on the Brain and Mind

    Music can bring a person to feel such exaltation and inner joy that he spontaneously breaks out in dance. Kabbalists…

    Your Baby’s Heart is Deformed, You Should Abort

    Who knows if we could fix his heart just forget about him

    Rachel and Leah – The Desire for Greatness

    We learn from Rachel and Leah that the only way to achieve greatness is to aspire to it and to…

    The Physiological Stages of the Monthly Cycle

    The secret of the success of a Jewish marriage is to be found in the laws of Family Purity. But…

    Can People Really Die from Loneliness?

    Studies show: Loneliness Leads to Early Death and many other maladies

    Israeli Woman Diagnosed with Cancer at 92 is Doing Fine at 97!

    Esther Wachsman is a true fighter and says: “We’ve got to live; we can’t give up”
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