Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi Live in New York

    Prepare for the Heat of The Winter and join Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi live in New York

    “Every Day I Cried to G-d: Get Me Away from My Violent Husband”

    “I thought this Arab was the most wonderful person in the world, but after I moved to his village, life…

    Zuckerberg May Make Kiddush but Doesn’t (Yet) Make Havdalah

    Daughter Max in Marc's arms is drinking from their heirloom Kiddush cup

    Watch: Fascinating Time Lapse of a Bean Growing Underground

    Wonders of Creation: Watch the growth process of a bean underground. This footage will surely strengthen your appreciation for all…

    Morality in the Mirror

    How do you know when you're right? How do we know that our beliefs are really true?

    10 Tips to Protect Yourself from Winter Colds

    Where do germs hide? How often should I change my linens or towels? Here are 10 tips to prevent the…

    Frightening: Watch Powerful Lightning Strike in Colorado

    Lightning is one of the most beautiful displays of nature. The Sages instituted that we recite a unique blessing upon…

    CHAZAQ’s Historic Life Changing Campaign is LIVE!!

    Let’s get together and help CHAZAQ continue changing the lives of our community from A to Z

    Why do many Jewish Men use the Mikvah before Shabbat?

    Immersion in a mikvah brings about a level of spiritual purity
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