Straight from the Heart – 03×05 – Allergy Prevention

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    Lech Lecha – The Divine Soul

    [bzplayer hls=”″] Why was Avraham commanded to leave his homeland? Why was this considered one of the greatest challenges that…

    Tisha B’Av – From Destruction to Salvation through Unity

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    The 3 Daily Prayers – Part 1 – 3 Forefathers. 3 Characteristics. 3 Stages of Life.

    [bzplayer hls=”″] The morning, afternoon & evening prayers were instituted by the Forefathers. Rabbi Nissel expounds on the connection between…

    Keeping Kosher

    [bzplayer hls=”″] Why is it so important to keep the laws of Kosher in totality? Rabbi Shay Tahan discusses the…

    Parshat Chukat – Moshe’s Sin

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    Two Halves of a Whole – 04×11 – Basic Principles

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    13 Principles of Faith – Principle #5 – May My Will be Your Will

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    Bereishit – 7 Days of Creation

    [bzplayer hls=”″] Do you want to learn how to memorize the Torah? In a spectacular rap performance, Rabbi Kantor summarizes…

    Shemoneh Esrei – The First Blessing – Part 5

    [bzplayer hls=”″]Rabbi Botton explains why we emphasize the merits of our Forefathers in the beginning of the Shemoneh Esrei. Develop…
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