Watch: Wonders of Creation: A Fish You’ve Never Seen Before

    Amazing documentation of a unique fish, living in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean

    These Days are an Opportunity, Don’t Let Them Slip By!

    Ten points about the precious “Shovavim” days.

    The Universe Comes Into Being – Rabbi Zamir Cohen

    Creation, Big Bang, or Was it Always there? All the Answers to the Biggest Question in the World

    Anti-Semitism in French Children’s Magazine: “Israel is not a State”

    Anti-Semitic remark in the January issue of Youpi Magazine causes uproar

    Comunicating with the dead – The truth about séances

    British researcher, Arthur Findlay:"I know that if thirteen years ago I myself had been asked to believe these strange accounts…

    10 Strategies and Segulot for Tranquility From Rabbanit Kanievsky OBM

    Her advice always worked; here are 10 tips for various things including attaining calmness and tranquility.

    Parshat Bo – Gratitude Amnesia

    Do we take things for granted even when they are obviously gifts?

    People With ADHD Are Particularly Suited for Business Entrepreneurship

    A new British study found that the challenging symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) are beneficial in the business…

    Coronavirus Pandemic: Faith vs Fear – Charlie Harary

      Assurez-vous à l’occasion des premières prises que vous supportez bien ce médicament avant de conduire ou d’utiliser une machine.…

    Why Is Cancer Less Common In Elephants?

    Scientists were intrigued why elephants, which have more cells than humans, hardly develop cancer. Now they think they have the…
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