Looking Forward to a Dreamy Seder Night?

Are you dreaming of a pleasant, fascinating and enjoyable night for the whole family? Don’t just dream! Plan it now and your dream will come true!

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Addiction Recovery Options - Mussar, Psychotherapy or 12 Steps? - Rabbi Simcha Feuerman

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Do You Want Proof That G-d Watches Over us?

Why is it impossible for G-d to forsake His world?

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Tzav - Offerings and the Sacrificial Service

A handful of choice flour, oil and incense shall be mixed and a token portion shall be turned into smoke on the altar as a pleasing odor to the Lord. What is left of it shall be eaten by Aaron and his sons as unleavened cakes in the sacred space of the Tent of Meeting. It shall not be baked with leaven. Rabbi Kaplan derives fascinating lessons from the ritual of the homage offering

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People think pleasure is pleasure. But the fact is, that there are different degrees, separate departments of pleasure , just like there are different classes on an international flight. Discover what those classes are in this eye-opening lecture.