Dear matchmaker

    I don’t like that my daughter discusses her shidduchim with her friends

    7 Tips to Help Your Digestive Tract

    You’ll be healthier all around if you follow these tips

    Why the Hollywood Scandals Validate My Decision to Leave Acting

    I did not want to risk my shot of one day building a beautiful marriage and a healthy home, something…

    Is Soda Water Healthy?

    If you like soda water / carbonated water and tend to think it's healthy, this article is for you

    Lot – Contradictions in Serving Hashem

    What happens when a person faces this dichotomy, knowing he must observe the Torah – because it is true –…

     A Drink that Slows Aging?

    Blueberry juice was proven to increase cognitive function in seniors.

    Dear Mother, Believe in the Child Hashem Gave You

    The following moving letter from Iris Yifrach, written on the day her son Eyal’s body was found

    Wonders of Creation: Stunning Wildlife Footage in Kenya

    Take a few moments and enjoy images of the beautiful world we live in

    Parshat Korach – Overcoming the Negativity Within

    We were all born with negative traits but we can ask G-d to help us repair them

    Avraham – Natural Kindness or the Will of God?

    We learn from Avraham that sometimes following one’s natural affinity to kindness may not constitute HaShem’s will.
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