Mechutanim Before You

    Representatives of the rich man came to clothe the chasan in beautiful expensive new clothing

    Near Death Experience in the Talmud

    The Talmud states; for three days after burial, it is still possible for a person to return to life! What…

    Watch: ’Potato Fish’. Does Such a Fish Exist?

    A potato fish seems to have been filmed off the coast of Ireland. See wonders of creation beneath the sea…

    Candle-Lighting Times: August 17, 2018 – Parshat Shoftim

    Shabbat Times for Major Cities Around the World: August 17, 2018 - Parshat Shoftim

    Es Achai – Mordechai Ben David, Shira Choir & The Sababa Band

    Lyrics: “And he said, I am looking for my brothers. Tell me now, where are they pasturing?" (Genesis – 37,16)…

    A Conversation With Rabbanit Yemima Mizrachi

    The wife of a Rosh Yeshivah and a vibrant mother

    Post-partum Depression: “I floated around the House like a Ghost”

    Says a woman that had post-partum depression

    Kivi Bernhard and the Life Lesson he Taught Microsoft

    Kivi Bernhard refused to attend a Microsoft conference and a large sum of money because he observes Shabbat. How did…

    Watch more Wonders of Creation: Leaf or Insect?

    Watch this amazing video that will awaken feelings of gratitude to G-d for His wondrous creation. Gone viral

    Shir Hamaalot by Yeedle – Official Music Video

    Produced by Esther Zicherman, Script written by Yeedle Werdyger. Scenes shot at various locales throughout Israel
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