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Israel’s Population On 70th Independence Day

The Central Bureau of Statistics released annual Israeli demographics figures. Israel's population nears 9 million, 74.5% of the population is Jewish

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What is a Jew? - Rabbi Moshe Zeldman

Its smuggling routes into Turkey and from Turkey to its center in Raqqa were cut off, restricting its ability to get funding and recruit new fighters from abroad.


The Soul and the Afterlife

Is there life after death? What happens to the soul after death? The world-renowned counselor and philosopher Rabbi Manis Friedman, elaborates on the journey of the soul and the process of reincarnation


Watch: Water Technologies for Agriculture Developed in Israel

See how Israel’s drip irrigation system works. Fascinating

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Tazria - The Basic Leprosy and the Procedure of Verification

What kind a sin causes leprosy? Why is gossip so severe? What kind of virtues should one look for in a woman? Rabbi Kaplan illustrates how easy it is to fall prey to a destructive pattern of gossiping, to the point where it becomes a recreational activity. In order to enjoy the many people in our lives, we have to stop verbalizing negativity and focus on their positive virtues

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Surviving in the Desert - A Test of Faith

Rabbi Yitzchak Botton

Pesach - Achieving Oneness with Myself, with Others & with G-d

Rabbi Mordechai BecherJewish Thought for Thinking Jews

Pre-Pesach Inspiration

Rabbi Paysach KrohnInspiration from the Maggid

Seder Night - An Important Message of Kindness for Our Children

Rabbi Eliezer ZeytounehOnline Halacha

Passover - The Symbolism of Chametz & Matzah

Rabbi Yitzchak YisraeliOnline Halacha

Beautiful is Our Heritage

Rebbetzin Tehilla Abramov

Passover - Showing the World Who's the Boss

Rabbi Yitzchak YisraeliOnline Halacha

Passover - Why is a Poor Person Still Obligated to Act Like a King during Seder Night?

Rabbi Eliezer ZeytounehOnline Halacha

Passover - What was Behind Pharaoh's Will to Keep the Jews Enslaved?

Rabbi Yitzchak YisraeliOnline Halacha

Seder Night - Passing on the Torch

Rabbi Avraham ReismanShort & Sweet

How Do I Kosher My Kitchen for Passover?

Rabbi Ilan MeirovOnline Halacha

How Do I Kosher My Dishes for Passover?

Rabbi Shay TahanOnline Halacha

How Do I Kosher My Oven for Passover?

Rabbi Shay TahanOnline Halacha

A Torah Perspective on Parenting - Part 2

Rebbetzin Tehilla Abramov

What is Obligatory to Clean for Passover?

Rabbi Ilan MeirovOnline Halacha

How Do I Kosher My Sink & Countertops for Passover?

Rabbi Shay TahanOnline Halacha

Immersion in the Mikveh for New Dishes

Rabbi Shay TahanOnline Halacha

Pesach - The Message of the Matzah

Mr. Charlie HararyShort & Sweet

Passover - What Can We Learn from Pesach, Matzah & Marror?

Rabbi Eliezer ZeytounehOnline Halacha

Seder Night - Telling the Story

Rabbi Yitzchak YisraeliOnline Halacha
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Torah and Science - Astronomy: The Heliosphere

Both the number of continents and the atmosphere around the sun arouse questions on the Torah's account as opposed to scientific observation. However, modern scientific research has reached exactly the same conclusions as the Torah… given 3300 years ago.