Torah is Life

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    Questions and Answers – 9

    [bzplayer hls=”″]Can a soldier sacrifice his life for the sake of others? How could it be that wicked people descend…

    Orchot Tzaddikim – Fear of Heaven – Part 6

    [bzplayer hls=”″] Mankind has sovereignty over all the creatures of the planet. The uniqueness of the human being is the…

    Shabbat Candle Lighting – Part 4

    [bzplayer hls=”″] Why do women have the custom give charity before lighting the Shabbat candles? May one move the Shabbat…

    Circumcision – Perfecting Yourself

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    Orchot Tzaddikim – Arrogance – Part 1

    [bzplayer hls=”″]What are the positive and negative forms of arrogance? How can one use arrogance and pride to serve God…

    Mesilat Yesharim – Chapter 4 – Part 3

    [bzplayer hls=”″]In this episode Rabbi Matalon explains how basic Torah learning motivates us to keep growing spiritually

    Vayigash – Yehudah Meets Yosef

    [bzplayer hls=”″] In this week's Torah rap, Rabbi Kantor summarizes the tense dialogue between Yehudah and Yosef, before the brothers…

    Why Some Scientists Have Trouble Believing in G-d

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    The Nine Days of Mourning – The Battle Front is Here

    [bzplayer hls=”″]How do we deal with the pain of the suffering and affliction of the Jewish people? What should we…
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