8th Day: “My Shtetl’s Calling” – Music Video

    From the soon to be released 8th Day album "Stronger Closer". Enjoy

    A Very Unlikely Messenger, in a Very Unlikely Place

    The Torah predicts that there will be a mass return of Jews to Judaism, and many of them will find…

    Gad Elbaz: On & On – Official Lyrics Video

    Inspiring words. Enjoy another Gad Elbaz special

    See How Olive Oil Soap is Made

    How is it done? Watch the manufacturing process of olive oil soap. Interesting

    Ohad Moskowitz: “Shelach Malachecha” – New Hit

    Jewish Music Superstar Ohad Moskowitz sings his new hit song 'Shlach Malachecha' from his newly released album. An Aaron Teitelbaum…

    We’re in Exile, What can We Do about It?

    Realize we’re in darkness far from G-d and look for the light of His closeness

    Watch: Bear Hug

    Watch a daring guy receive a real bear hug in the wild

    See the Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Iceland – Wonders of Creation

    Iceland is home to hundreds of stunning waterfalls. See video footage of nature's beauty

    Slovie Jungreis Wolff – Gifts My Mother Gave Me

    Slovie Jungreis Wolff shares the revolutionary legacy she received from her mother, Rebbetzin Ester Jungreis. This is a must for…

    Rabbi Avraham Elimelech Firer: A Lifetime of Pure Kindness – Watch

    Over the last 40 plus years Rabbi Firer has saved thousands of lives by providing them with the most accurate…
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