Nature’s Beauty

Spectacular Lightning Storm Lights Up Australian Skies – Watch

The stormy conditions in Kimberley, Australia were a welcome change from a severe heatwave that has plagued the region. Wonders of Creation

Nature’s Beauty

Rare Jellyfish Spotted off the Coast of California - Watch

The jellyfish was spotted 4000 feet below the surface of the sea. Wonders of Creation

The Way to Happiness

Emunah & Emotions

How can we get rid of negative emotions? Rebbetzin Riter takes us on a journey of erasing negativity from our lives through faith & free will and paving our way to a life of happiness and fulfillment  

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Ask the Rabbi

Hairy Palm

Tragedies befall us and mostly we'll never understand why. However, once in a while we get an inkling of how everything is always for the best. Find out how a mangled hand caught in a machine saved a life in another inspiring story from Rabbi Kaplan's fascinating Impact series

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