Ten Things You May Not Know About Havdalah

    Havdalah is the ceremony marking the conclusion of Shabbat (or of Yom Tov or Yom Kippur) and the transition to…

    Watch: ’Potato Fish’. Does Such a Fish Exist?

    A potato fish seems to have been filmed off the coast of Ireland. See wonders of creation beneath the sea…

    Breakthrough in Fetal Ultrasound Head Measurements

    New criteria minimizes great chance of error

    Elul -Women Starting Anew

    How should women prepare for Rosh Hashana?

    Cancer Patient Dreams: “Check Your Tefillin”

    After getting this dream 3 times he did and they weren't kosher.

    Abraham: the Epitome of Reaching Out to One’s Fellow Man

    There are many ways to bring one who is distant back to Judaism. We should look to Abraham, who was…

    I’ve Gone to Fulfill a Dream

    “I’m taking the day off to fly a kite with my daughter”

    Yehudah – Taking Responsibility

    Man’s challenge is not simply to avoid mistakes, but to own up to those we inevitably make

    Bedtime Shema – According to the Sefardic Custom

    Say Shema before going to sleep and sleep well with good dreams
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