Checking Eligibility to Receive Charity

    Who is eligible to receive charity? If a person is in need of food or clothing immediately, no checking is…

    Watch: Wonders of Creation – The Largest Cave on the Planet

    Hang Son Doong cave is located near the Laos–Vietnam border. At more than 200m high, 150m wide and 5km long,…

    Can the Venom of the Deadly Green Mamba Snake Save Failing Kidneys?

    A French study found that the venom of the green mamba an especially deadly African snake the Green Mamba can…

    10th of Tevet – Rebuilding the Third Temple

    Why do we mourn the first Temple if it was rebuilt?

    Searching for Your Soulmate? 5 Tips from Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky

    A yeshiva student who asked for a blessing on behalf of his sister, received a long detailed response from the…

    Was The Ibn Ezra’s Grave Discovered?

    The Safed Cemetary foundation claims they found his grave after 900 years that its whereabouts were unknown.

    Watch: The Dangerous Game of Isis

    Crazy game of bloodthirsty Isis terrorists - Who will drive the car bomb?

    Watch: How Did the Dog Break Out of the Cage?

    Do you feel trapped & confined? With a little thought, creativity, prayer and strength, you can easily break out –…

    “White Privilege”

    Idan is albino and he has what to say about how people accept other people who are different
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