Wonders of Creation: Short Clips that will Amaze You

    A bird with amazing fishing skills, smart ants who help one another, surfing with dolphins and more. Must see

    See Funniest Wildlife Photos Of 2018

    It's all about timing. See a selection of the funniest wildlife photos of 2018

    Cantor Yoel Ausch & The Shira Choir Perform at The NYPD High Holy Days Security Briefing

    NYPD executives, clergy members, and community leaders convened at 1 Police Plaza for the annual High Holy Days briefing. Police…

    Teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

    A great-grandson of the Ba’al Shem Tov and the author of “Likutei Moharan.”

    We Need a Rest, We Need Shabbat!

    After 20 years of non-stop work, ‘Jordan River Rafting’ will be open 6 days a week and closed on Shabbat

    The Discovery of Auriculotherapy – Rabbi Zamir Cohen

    Ears are not just for hearing; Auriculotherapy technique is used for treating various conditions – from muscle and skeletal pain,…

    Good Choices Produce Good Results – Rabbi Yitzchak Fanger

    Sometimes one of our choices in life may be very difficult for us, even though it is the right one.…

    Watch: Fascinating Footage of The Northern Lights of Norway

    Magical footage of the Northern Lights in Norway. Relax and enjoy more Wonders of Creation. “There is no artist like…

    “Don’t Worry,” They Comforted Me, “It Doesn’t Matter How Many Sins You Did, There Is Always Repentance!”

    “Don’t be discouraged,” they told me. “There’s a concept called teshuvah (repentance). Teshuvah was created when the world was created;…

    The Easy Way to Remove a Splinter

    A resourceful mother relieves her daughter’s pain with a brilliant idea
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