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24 hours Before Yom Kippur: a Special and Powerful Broadcast (Hebrew)

Today, Monday 8 Tishrei (10/10/16) from 21:00 (Israel time) and into the night there will be a special marathon broadcast on Hidabrut’s channel and website.

The marathon will feature a live broadcast of the Women's Gala Conference being held in the Tel Aviv Sports Hall.

During the broadcast, a special panel will be emceed by Rabbi Ben-Lulu, with the participation of Rabbi Reuven Zakaim and Rabbi Shai Amar. The rabbis will discuss issues relating to the holy day of Yom Kippur, including various legal and conceptual aspects.

Watch the live broadcast (it will be active starting from 21:00, Israel time) here – http://www.hidabroot.com/live 

The rabbis will answer the following questions among others:

What is the role of Yom Kippur, and what is this day especially conducive for? Why are we required to eat on the eve of Yom Kippur, and why is it the custom to visit the graves of our loved ones on Yom Kippur?

The rabbis will also answer questions pertaining to fasting itself: What is the significance of fasting? Isn’t it harder to concentrate in prayer when one is fasting? Why is it the custom to wear a white Kittel? Why aren’t the heavenly accusers allowed to accuse the Jews on this day?

During the broadcast, the rabbis will also discuss the Jewish way of repentance: What are the stages of repentance? What should one do when one has a relative who is a sinner; how can one help him to repent? How is it possible to repent and wipe out one’s sin when there are sins that leave an impression and cause irreparable harm?

The end of the broadcast will feature a live Selichot ceremony broadcast at the Western Wall.


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