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80% of Swedish Police Consider Resigning Out of Fear of Muslim Migrants

Sweden may soon plummet into crisis mode. As Norwegian broadcaster NRK reports, 80 per cent of police officers are considering switching careers due to the daily dangers they face.

The report states that up to three Swedish police quit every day as they feel the government isn’t giving them the tools to tackle the epidemic of attacks and violence in areas populated mostly by migrants.

Swedish police Sergeant Peter Larsson told the broadcaster, “We have a major crisis. Many colleagues have chosen to leave. The violence against us in the police and the paramedics and firefighters, has become much worse. We’re talking about stone throwing, violence, fires. It has become much worse in recent years.”

The broadcaster interviewed Tina Svensson, a resident of a suburb of Gothenburg, who said that crime has reached a fever pitch and police rarely ever arrive. She admitted most residents were scared to live there.

Swedish police say there are 14 no-go areas in which they rarely venture outside of their heavily fortified police stations for fear of being attacked by locals.

Instead of backing police and giving them tools to contain the crime, Swedish politicians express their concern about former ISIS terrorists who have returned to the country after having their fill of beheadings and women slaves. 

Swedish councilor Rasmus Persson told the news program Tvärsnytt that the city of Stockholm will make it a priority to provide the returning ISIS fighters with housing, free health care (physical and mental) and full financial support, until they have received earmarked jobs — ahead of law-abiding immigrants and indigenous Swedes — to prevent them from returning to the fighting, and help them process the “traumatic experiences” they have been through.


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