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A Giant Spider Web

When Tracy Maris of Papamoa, New Zealand took a walk in the park she saw something strange. There was a thin film spread across a soccer field. It was 2 and a half meters wide and 30 meters long. When she took a closer look she discovered it was a really large spider web. She originally thought it was uninhabited but when she came closer she found it was full of many small spiders.

“When I saw the spiders from up close, I shouted!” Tracy told the New Zealand Herald.

Such a web needs the teamwork of many spiders that make different webs with different properties in each one. In this soccer field the spiders were from a small species, but in New Zealand, spiders can reach the size of the palm of a hand and could on their own, spin a web one meter wide.

Tracy quickly shot a video and photographed the strange phenomena because after a very short while a dog ran through the web destroying most of it. Then a thunderstorm finished it off.


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