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A Shidduch Story: Sorry, Wrong Number

Shira was 18 when she started searching for the meaning of life. She read a lot and was always trying to find her way, when she finally came to Judaism. After a long period of personal empowerment, she decided to become observant. At first, she did everything quietly; this did not bother her parents – what's wrong with a little tradition, anyway, or for your child to respect you a little more? But then, later, when the family began to realize that Shira was serious about her religious observance, they began making things extremely difficult for her. This was a great challenge for her that she tried very hard to overcome. For example, the hot plate that she prepared for Shabbat, was mysteriously unplugged, and she was forced to eat cold food throughout the entire Shabbat. Even the humiliation that she endured was sometimes too hard for her to withstand. But she remained determined in her ways, and decided not to give up. She sometimes even had tears in her eyes because of the difficulties that she had to go through, but Shira kept strengthening herself by reminding herself that she used to be like them too, and she hoped in her heart that one day, they too will see the light and truth.

At a certain point she starting hoping for the day in which she will leave her current home and build a home of her own with her husband in which they will observe Torah and Mitzvot with joy.

As soon as she felt ready, and started dating, an additional difficulty began to develop: Shira’s father, who knew that his daughter wants to marry a guy who learns Torah, became enraged and told her officially that a guy like that will not step foot into his house – no matter what!

One day, Shira’s father decided to call his wife, but by mistake, dialed the wrong number. Without realizing, he automatically began speaking in Bucharian, the native language spoken at Shira’s house. The lady on the other end of the line surprisingly responded to him in the same language!

The father quickly apologized, and a split second before the conversation ended, the father asked the woman out of curiosity what her last name was – as Bucharians all know each other. From that point, they started conversing and the father began telling the woman that he’s having a very difficult time with his daughter who is becoming religious. To his amazement, the woman began telling him that she too has a son who’s driving her crazy with his religious observance and how he studies in Yeshiva all day!

To Shira’s astonishment, she immediately received a phone call from her father who informed her that she would be having a date the next day with this guy. Shira, who expected to encounter a guy who meets her father’s expectations, was shocked to see a Yeshiva boy like she wanted all along! And after several dates, the couple announced their engagement.

For the first time in his life, a real Yeshiva boy stepped foot in her father’s house, dressed in a black suit, a white shirt and a hat. At that moment, countless memories crossed Shira’s mind of the times her father warned her not to ever bring home a Yeshiva boy. But the truth is, that she never did, it was her father who brought him home. Today, they are happily married years, live in Holon and have four children. 


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