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A Siberian River Mysteriously Turns Blood Red

Surprised Russians have been sharing photos on social media of a Siberian river that has suddenly and mysteriously turned blood red.

Russian authorities are trying to determine the cause of the ominous change to the river, located above the Arctic Circle and flowing through the mining town of Norilsk.

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As National Geographic reported, two major theories are emerging to explain the change. “The first is that the red color comes from the large quantity of iron that occurs naturally in the ground in that region,” National Geographic said. “The second is a chemical leak.”

Though many residents in the area have stated on social media, that they believe it is a sign from heaven, warning them of an impending disaster.

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Some residents now call the river, 'The Blood River' and argue that it is not a chemical pollution, rather a miracle alerting the residents before an approaching World War that will effect Russia.


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