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A Thyme, Hyssop (Zaatar) and Oregano Infusion to Boost Your Immune System

Before giving you the recipe for this infusion we will discuss the health benefits of its 3 component herbs and why they’re so good for your immune system.

Thyme: An old ‘grandma’s remedy’ well known for boosting the immune system and repertory system. The ingredient it contains naturally called salicylate is from the aspirin family and has similar properties of pain killing and reducing inflammation. It also calms down the digestive track (which aspirin doesn’t do).

Oregano: Oregano leaves contain uniquely powerful anti-bacterial compounds thanks to its oil which contains thymol (found in thyme) and carvacrol which fight e coli and countless other bacteria. They are known natural disinfectants that also sooth sore throats and help loosen mucous.
The anti-oxidants in oregano’s oils are 40 times more potent than those found in an apple and 12 times more than from an orange and these search out free radicals and other invaders and destroy them. There are even experts that include oregano oil in their arsenal to fight cancer.

Hyssop (Zaatar): We know zaatar as an edible herb in Israel (as the Italians know oregano). But according to the Vulcani Agricultural Research Center in Israel zaatar is crowned as ‘the best and most effective herb against chronic ailments many times more effective than anti-biotics.

In their research on its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties they found it to be much quicker and effective than anti-biotics while at the same time cleansing the repertory tract and alleviating symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, runny nose and other winter maladies.


4 sprigs of fresh oregano

2 sprigs of fresh thyme

2 sprigs of fresh hyssop

1 liter mineral or filtered water

Preparing the infusion:

1) Thoroughly rinse all the herbs and place them in a pot with the water and bring it to a boil on a low flame.

2) Wait for the water to turn yellow-green and turn off the flame. Strain the infusion in a silk cloth strainer.

3) Allow the infusion to cool and use as necessary. You may sweeten it with a flat teaspoon of honey if you find the infusion too bitter.

To your Good Health!


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