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An Act of Kindness Worth 75,000 NIS

The miracles of Operation Protective Edge do not cease to amaze. Here is a unique wonder attributed to Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Shlita, an example that has the power to shed light on the importance of the mitzvah of hospitality, especially in light of these difficult times, in which many residents of the south are finding themselves without an adequate roof over their heads.

It all started when the owner of a Bed and Breakfast in Safed, agreed to host a family whose home was shelled and badly damaged by fire in one of his housing units, until he finds tenants willing to rent the place out.

This condition was presented to the family, and they agreed; it would have provided them with a few moments of relief from the terrifying sounds of the threatening missiles. Of course, they never imagined that after a week, the landlord would find tenants and ask them to leave. A great sorrow befell the family when they had to leave the unit and that’s simply because they had nowhere else to go.

The landlord felt badly for this desperate family so he called Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky Shlita to ask for his advice on what to do about this complex dilemma. To his pleasant surprise, Rabbi Kanievsky replied: “Let the family stay in the house, and G-d will send you an abundance as a reward for performing this mitzvah.”

So we do what the Rabbi says…

The family remained in the housing unit and a number of days later an envelope arrived in the mail. The landlord opened the envelope and found a fat, 75,000 Shekel check made out to his name. How could this be?

A quick investigation revealed that following a lawsuit filed by his insurance company for damages incurred by a winter storm that took place the previous year, his compensation was finally granted. This came after repeated pleas to the company that tried to avoid payment at all cost, even though the landlord had long given up on the claim, and did not expect to receive the amount of compensation that he demanded. But on the day that he decided to extend his kindness and follow the advice of the Rabbi, the valve was released allowing his abundance to flow. And the insurance company paid the full amount that was due to him.

It’s amazing to see that the only thing that separated him from a 75,000 NIS check was an act of kindness. Today he can say from experience that one will never lose out from a blessing of a tzadik or a good deed.


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