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Brexit is on its Way

On Tuesday night, PM Theresa May signed on the official letter of Britain’s exit from the EU and officially started the exit process.
This morning the British Representative to the EU is giving the document to the president of the council Donald Tusk thereby starting the process of Britain’s exit from the EU.

During the day PM May will stand before the Parliament and declare the beginning of the “Brexit” process. This will take about two years of negotiations in which both parties will decide on the type of relationship they will maintain after the exit is complete.

Yesterday before signing the document, Theresa May had telephone conversations with Donald Tusk, with German chancellor Angela Merkel and with president of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker. After that she said that “all four of us discussed the importance of negotiation in a positive and constructive spirit with the promise of a smooth and organized exit. We agreed that a strong EU is the interest of all parties and that Britain will remain a close and committed ally.”

Britain’s decision to leave the EU was voted on in a direct national vote nine months ago. When the results came in that Britain wants to leave the EU, British PM David Cameron resigned from office and was replaced by Theresa May. She herself declared that while personally opposed to “Brexit” she will honor the wish of the people and bring the exit about in the in the best possible manner.

The parties that opposed the Brexit claim that it will lead to a deep recession in the UK and have little effect on international commerce. But the parties that supported Brexit claim the U.K.’s economy will improve when it reclaims total sovereignty. These supporters claim that if the U.K. doesn’t leave it will have no control over the amount of people immigrating to it.  


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