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Dentist Attacked By a Shark: “Felt Like a Truck Hit me on the Face”

A dentist attacked by a bull shark while vacationing in the Bahamas has lived to tell the tale.

Dr. Steve Cutbirth, a restorative dentist in Waco, was diving and spear fishing with his son-in-law and two experienced guides in the Bahamas. His son-in-law had just speared a large fish when suddenly a bull shark sprinted towards them.

“All of a sudden, it felt like a truck hit me on the face,” Cutbirth said. “I turned around and I could see that white underside of his mouth and those teeth open.” The shark inflicted macabre bites to his face and leg.

The group quickly returned to shore to get medical help for Cutbirth. Although there was no doctor on his island, he found a local nurse that was able to suture the wounds after he explained to her how to do it.

Cutbirth in good humor says that the scars from the wounds may render him less handsome, but maybe they will give him an “edgy” look.
He conjectures that the shark was lured by the smell of blood from the fish his son-in-law speared, but can’t complain that the shark bit him. He was doing what all sharks do, which is to keep the ocean clean by eating dead or injured fish.


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