Do You Need a Salvation Beyond Naturally Possible? Don’t Miss Out on Purim!

Rabbi Elimelech Biderman compares Purim to a great treasure of gems and precious stones strewn all over the street. If you would see this you would get the strength to gather as many as you can.  We should look at Purim in the same way and take the opportunity it provides us to grab precious mitzvoth.

In his lecture before Purim, Rabbi Biderman quotes a whole string of sources that stress the auspicious time that Purim is to pray and get answered.

1. A Jew on Purim is like a High Priest: “On this day every single Jew has the power of the High Priest in the Holy of Holies.” (Rabbi Yechezkel Shraga of Shinova)

2. Overwhelming Compassion: On Purim there is an overpowering of compassion and good will up to over our heads.  (Imrei Noam of

3. Our Prayers are accepted: “On Purim even private prayer (not with a congregation) is dear before G-d and it is accepted. (Pele Yoetz)

4. Purim Morning is an auspicious time: In the book Segulat Yisrael it is written that it’s a Segulah to rise early on Purim morning and pray a lot and ask G-d for anything, Children, life, livelihood and anything else or all other relatives for on this day it is a time of great will and all the upper worlds are happy and full of good will.

5. Prayers on Purim go to heaven unhindered: Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac of Kamarna wrote in his book “Imrei Pi” explaining that that on Purim every person can reach great heights. “We received (a tradition) that on Purim the small soul can rise to the hall of a wondrous Tzaddik (Righteous Jew) without any hindrance and all prayers reach the level of Keter (the crown) with nothing holding it back. I’ve received all this in a whisper and I spread it like a gossiper to reveal this secret out of love for my fellow Jew.”   

6. Purim is auspicious: The Admor of Gur said that Purim is an auspicious time (to ask) for all things a time of the peak of divine good will and anyone can effect great things with G-d  that He will fulfill your wishes.

7. Purim is an auspicious time for salvation above nature: Rabbi Tzadok of Lublin explains that on Purim one can merit salvation even above nature. “Since on Purim the Jews merited to live even though it was decreed they should die this is an auspicious time to change nature and even for the barren to conceive.”

8. Torah learning on Purim is very important: The Talmud says, “Anyone who learns between the night reading of the Megillah and the day reading of the Megillah is promised to be a son of the world to come.” The Rama said “one is required to learn Torah before the Purim meal and this is learned from the verse “and to the Jews was light,” on which our sages say light is Torah. The Hatam Sofer asks; “Why is Purim 2 days (one for walled cities and one for unwalled cities)?  In order to insure there will be Torah learning. When Jews are celebrating Purim in unwalled cities on the 14th of Adar the people in Jerusalem and walled cities will learn Torah and when in Jerusalem they celebrate Purim the rest of the Jews will learn Torah.” 


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