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Do You Want Proof That G-d Watches Over us?

I believe that G-d used to be around but I don’t believe He is around now!  Am I right or wrong and why? 

If G-d would stop watching over us the whole universe would cease to exist. G-d actively gives life force to every molecule to exist and makes our existence possible every given moment. G-d is eternal and infinite so the idea of “leaving us” doesn’t apply to him.

Likewise G-d sees all generations from beforehand. He sees and knows the future and he gave the Torah to His nation Israel until the final redemption. In His Torah, He gave over prophecies about the end of days that prove He watches over us.

Ours is the only nation that received instruction from the Creator in a divine revelation which took place before the entire nation. This revelation included miracles which show G-d’s absolute rule over nature. There is no body of laws that influenced the entire world as much as the Torah we received.

Israel’s very existence is also proof of G-d’s miraculous rule over nature as no nation has endured so much hardship, destruction and mass murders as ours for thousands of years. We were dispersed all around the world and remained a tiny minority without rulers or armies in our host countries, whereas every other empire mighty as they might be, have disappeared from the face of the earth. Even after all this our nation merited to come back to its land after 2000 years of exile, trials and tribulations that were actually predicted in ancient  prophecies beforehand in our Torah which accompanied us for 3300 years. We know the secret of our eternal existence.

The fact that there are many prophecies in the Torah that seem illogical proves that The Creator Himself gave these prophecies to us.
For example, the prophecy that we would be exiled and dispersed across the world; how many nations did this happen to besides us? Or the prophecy that, in spite of being small in numbers, we would always be prominent in the world. This is uniquely true of us! How many other miniscule nations are there, that are always the center of world attention? The prophecy that we will be hated and oppressed; we have been so oppressed across the millennia that the concept Anti-Semitism was coined for this phenomena!

Another prophecy states that we will always remain a small nation yet we will survive, that we will be persecuted but will persevere. How many other small nations did not intermarry or were spared from destruction after being relentlessly pursued by great empires?
There’s a prophecy that The Torah will publicized across the world and the whole world will talk about it. How many nations merited that their religion spread across the whole world and created the most published and read book in the world?
There’s another prophecy that says we will come back to our land. How many nations came back to their land after an exile? Or another prophecy that no other nation would have a national divine revelation. Out of 4300 religions no one can indeed claim their whole nation had a divine revelation.

All these prophecies can be seen in Leviticus 26 and in Deuteronomy 4 and 30 for your curiosity.

We see that nothing about us makes sense! Not our existence, not our Torah and not our history! Israel was always above nature as seen by our being the chosen nation that received the Torah and we merited G-d’s control of our fate throughout history. The nation of Israel is eternal!
A rational person would not ascribe all this to chance, the odds are stacked against such chance and no other nation experienced something similar. According to logic we should have been long gone.

This is a small part of an essay by Leo Tolstoy about the Jews (Jewish World, London 1908)

What is a Jew?

This question is not as strange as it may seem at first glance. Let’s examine this free creature that was insulated and oppressed, trampled on and pursued, burned and drowned by all the rulers and the nations, but is nevertheless living and thriving in spite of the whole world. What is a Jew that did not succumb to any worldly temptations offered by his oppressors and persecutors so that he would renounce his religion and abandon the faith of his fathers?

The nation which neither slaughter nor torture could exterminate, which neither fire nor sword of civilizations were able to erase from the face of earth, the nation which first proclaimed the word of Lord, the nation which preserved the prophecy for so long and passed it on to the rest of humanity, such a nation cannot vanish. A Jew is eternal; he is an embodiment of eternity.

Judaism repeatedly proves itself over and over again through supernatural events that play out across our history which show our unique mission and our destined redemption. This is why our nation and our Torah are discussed across the world, so the whole world will know us and our Torah. They will understand the concept of Mashiach and the redemption so that when the real Mashiach comes, the world will be prepared for his arrival already prepared for the idea of redemption and the reparation of the world.

For thousands of years G-d has patiently step by step led this world towards perfection. We are the the Chosen Nation, chosen to lead the world forward to the light of the Torah as it says, ”And you will be for me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.”


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