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Emmanuel Macron Enters Office as France’s New President

At 10:00 am France local time Emmanuel Macron entered the Elysee Palace and became France’s new president.  The event was secured by 1500 policemen and streets around the presidential palace were closed off because of the high alert that France is presently in.

Macron and Hollande had a private meeting in the presidential palace and the departing president gave Macron the codes of France’s nuclear arsenal. The presidential induction ceremony included walking down a red carpet and a gun salute for the incoming president. Macron also went to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and also met with the Mayor of Paris.

In his first speech Macron said that France chose hope and looks forward to the future. He stressed that “the EU is reforming and going on a new path.”

“A new page in France’s history is opening; a page of hope and trust” the president said. “I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. I will use all the resources available to me and my abilities to gain your trust. We have challenges that haven’t received a suitable response for too long, economic problems and political and moral weakening.”

“I will strengthen our state and Europe. I fear the fact that our country is split, I understand your fear and the doubts you expressed and I will take heed to them. I’m going to fight against inequality and to fight without compromise for your security. I will see to it that France will be on the highest level possible in fighting terror, and we will win this battle”, Macron said.

Upon leaving the palace Francois Hollande received applause from the palace staff and Macron also clapped and shook his hand and accompanied him to his car. Macron was then photographed with his wife Bridgette.

Tomorrow, Macron will announce the appointment of the new prime minister and he will then fly to Berlin to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel one of his main supporters.


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