Erev Pesach – 14th of Nissan

There is a fast for the first-borns, but the minhag is to allow them to eat at a siyum.

The minhag is to daven Shacharis early, and one does not say Mizmor LeTodah or Lamenatzayach Ya’ancha. One may not eat chametz after 9:12am, and one must finish burning chametz by the end of the fifth halachic hour, which is by 10:27am. It is necessary to brush one’s teeth clear of chametz before that time.

Do not forget to clean chametz off from jewelry, wristwatches, phones, wallets and clothes pockets.

It is necessary to burn the chametz until the point when it is totally unfit for eating. Particular care should be taken with loaves of bread or rolls, which sometimes get burnt on the outer surface but are still edible inside. It is better not to pour lighter fluid onto the chametz until after is has burned, in order to fulfill the mitzvah of biur chametz specifically by burning it.

Immediately after burning it one should say bittul chametz in familiar language: “Any chametz or leaven that is in my possession, which I have seen or which I have not seen, which I have destroyed or not destroyed, should be nullified and worthless like the dust of the earth.”

After halachic midday skilled work is forbidden. Therefore, hair and nails should be cut before that time. The minhag is to recite the Seder of Korban Pesach, and in Jerusalem the minhag is to say it next to the Kosel. The minhag of Chassidim and Yere’im is to bake matzos for seder night after midday, with a recitation of Hallel.

The table should be set and ready before the beginning of Yom Tov.


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