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Five Simple Steps to Figure Out Which Religion is True

The First Step: Check out the scientific facts

1. The design in the universe is undeniable. Atoms, chemicals, space-time warp, the existence of water, gravity, the solar system, the water cycle, the exact parameters of the laws of nature. Nature has been studied for centuries by the greatest scientists, and they required complex mathematical equations to describe its behavior. 

2. It was previously thought that life was composed of very simple basic elements. They thought the living cell was a simple gelatinous mass, and they believed that insects are created by spontaneous generation from decay. We now know that even the simplest living cell is more complex than a chemical factory. Living creatures contain DNA, which is a genius coded coil containing all the information about the body's systems and cell reproduction. Scientific study of anatomy and the living cell has taught us that life is amazingly harmonious, symmetrical and complex far beyond what meets the eye. The greatest scientists have put all their efforts and intellectual power into decoding the anatomical systems of the human body and the tiniest living units. 

3. Previously, it was thought that the world was ancient and never had a beginning, so there was no need to explain how it came into existence. Today, scientific studies have proved the opposite: the spread of galaxies and the disintegration of radioactive substances proves that the universe had a beginning, the Big Bang before which nothing existed (not even space). With an enormous eruption, suddenly matter-energy-space-and time came into being from absolutely nothing.

In light of these scientific findings, a rational person can only conclude that:

The intelligent design that exists in the universe and living creations, and the constant interaction between them, demonstrates

1. A supreme intelligence – which can be called the Creator or Planner. 

2. The physical universe has a Creator Who Himself does not need material-energy-space-and time to exist.


He is not physical. He has no material limits and therefore must be infinite.

He is not dependent on time and therefore has no beginning.

He has an unlimited ability to create so He must be all-powerful. 

The Creator fits the definition of “G-d.” (As is well known, “G-d” is infinite, incorporeal [and therefore unseeable], unlimited, and possessing limitless intelligence and capacity. He is the Creator of the universe and all living things.

There are of course people who try to rationalize the world as randomly coming into existence, but this is simply their imaginary conjecture (“it could have happened”). A person who is honest will always choose a working assumption based on reality, not on imagination. Looking at the observable universal design, one can conclude the obvious — that there was a Designer and a Creator — or one can imagine that all the observable order was created due to a combination of billions of rare coincidences. A rational person will naturally choose the first option, because it is the only conclusion which makes sense based on reality.

The Second Step: Acknowledge spirituality

Spirituality is a substance that exists and functions, but is not corporeal (i.e. unbounded by the laws of nature like matter, mass, space, time, etc.). The question we have to ask: Is a person completely matter? Or does he have a spiritual essence?

Matter operates in only two ways:

1. Randomly (Example: the stone falls in a certain place)

2. Natural law (Example: The ant acts according to its instincts, the world revolves around the sun.)

Humans have free will (1) which doesn’t operate randomly (2) and is not bound by nature’s laws.

Conclusion: Man has a spiritual essence.

Atheists who want to deny the concept of the soul, also have to deny their faculty of free will. They have to believe that man is nothing but a machine operating under the existing circumstances, that no person is responsible for his actions, and free will is an illusion created by brain chemical functions. Of course, his belief is based on imagination alone, since no scientific study has been able to explain how humans have free will. Free will is the most basic human concept, and every person knows it from his own self. One who wants to deny the existence of the soul not only is forced to deny reality, but also what makes him a human being. A rational person, on the other hand, will always choose conclusions based on the reality he is familiar with, not on imaginary fantasies.

The soul also knows about the existence of a Creator, Who not only created the interaction between the universe and life, but also between the human body and its soul which gives a human free will. Because a person has a soul, it is obvious that the body is just a tool which serves the soul, and when the body dies the soul leaves. From here, it is simple to conclude that a human being is different from all other living beings, and that there is life after death.

The Third Step: How humans are programmed:

After we reached the conclusion that there is an infinite Creator of the universe who has unlimited intelligence, we can look at what He created to find out what He wants. Is there a meaning to human existence? 

1. Man is a creature that aspires to meaning and desires purpose to his existence. He needs such a purpose. 

2. Man is the only creature who can discern the reality of his Creator and try to understand His Will. This shows that the Creator designed the human in such a way so he will acknowledge Him and know His Will.

3. A human instinctively seeks religion and to know the Will of his Creator. There is no civilization in the world that has not developed a religion. This proves that the Creator embedded in human nature a natural feeling for religion so it would lead him to fulfill G-d’s Will. 

4. Humans deeply want to exist after death. This shows that the Creator designed man in such a way so he would fulfill His Will and return to Him.

5. It is self-understood that an intelligent person create things for a purpose. Man is the most wonderful creation in the universe, which necessitates a meaning to his existence. 

6. A person can choose between good and evil, which proves that the Creator placed him in this world to test him to do good and to stay away from evil. The Torah’s existence is therefore an absolutely necessity.

7. Unlike animals, man has no instincts that teach him what is good and what is evil. His Creator had to instruct him how to behave because in many complicated situations, a person is incapable of deciding what is good by himself.

8. People have many questions about the nature of human existence and life itself. This necessitates detailed instructions from their Creator.

Since the Creator created man, He must have a purpose for him which should have been conveyed explicitly in some belief system so he can follow it and know the meaning of life and death, get closer to His Creator and fulfill His Will. Let's look at the religions of the world to see if there is such a religion.


The Fourth Step: How can we recognize the true religion?

Once we reached the conclusion that there is a Creator to the universe, the likelihood of finding the truth is incredibly simple because it stands on 100 percent logic. 99.999 percent of the world's religions set up incarnate gods, demons, and idols full of uncontrolled passions and savagery, who supposedly created and oversees the world. 

Since we know scientifically that the universe was created, and had a Creator Who is not subject to matter and time (and one who is not subject to space and matter is unlimited and infinite, and therefore can not be divided), and because we know that all matter is essentially made of the same thing (atoms) and all operate and interact with each other (which shows there is no wars between good and bad gods or other forces in the world) it is proven that whoever created the universe and man is the one Creator who has no partners, and has no body or anything like a body. This fact is an existential necessity.

Therefore, 99.999 of the world's religions have been disqualified from the list, and absolutely can not be the true religion.

There are a total of three religions that believe in one Creator of the world which has no body or anything akin to a body: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Christianity and Islam came into existence after Judaism and were based on it. (The Christians and Muslims believe in the Exodus and the Revelation on Mount Sinai as described in the Bible.)

Judaism must be the truth — not only because the two other religions imitate it — because while Christianity and Islam admit to Jewish history, Judaism does not admit to their history (Christians believe in Moses and the Jewish prophets, but Jews do not view Jesus and Mohammed as prophets who spoke with G-d).

So the probability that Judaism is the truth is 100 percent, while Christianity and Islam are interlopers.

The Fifth Step: Know the historical facts of Judaism

It goes without saying that the Creator who created man with colossal wisdom would not transmit the Torah in a sloppy way that could be forged by any person. Every self-respecting psychiatric institution has at least ten people who say that they talk with God, fairies, aliens and monsters. There are many schizophrenics walking the streets who imagine things that do not exist.

We know that the Creator is smart (from knowledge of the world’s physics and animal anatomy), so we know with absolute certainty that the Creator would not transmit the Torah in a stupid way to one person who could easily be charged with lying to the masses.

So the two religions that imitate Judaism — Christianity and Islam — are immediately erased from the list, since both of them claim that God appeared to a single person in a cave and commanded him statutes and laws.

Judaism is the only religion that claims large-scale miraculous events which all the people witnessed — like the Exodus, plagues, the splitting of the Red Sea, the Revelation on Mount Sinai, a whole people living forty years in the wilderness, the miraculous conquest of a country and more. The Torah is the only testimony that passes the test of history and logic, simply because it is the only one that claims that the Torah was given to an entire people in a national divine revelation.

Judaism is the 100 percent unequivocal, undeniable truth.


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