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Hamas Drone Engineer Assassinated in Tunisia

Drone expert Muhammad A-Zoari was assassinated in Tunisia this past Thursday by short range gun fire. Hamas confirms that A-Zoari was a member of the military branch of Hamas and one of the pioneers of the Abael drone development project.

A-Zoari assisted in developing the Hamas air warfare program and he also assisted the Hezbollah with their drone warfare program.
Close friends of his say A-Zoari was well connected. He served as the link between the Syrian regime and the Hamas. He also was linked with Iran until the Syrian revolution.

Reports from Tunisia say that A–Zoari was shot to death from short range in the city called Sfax. Hamas claimed the Mossad was responsible for his death and he did not die in vain. An attack on him is considered an attack on Hamas and they vowed revenge.

Newspapers in Tunisia blamed the Mossad for his assassination and a senior journalist told Israeli Channel 10 that the Mossad was tracking A-Zoari for a while and they’re responsible. Other Arab media sources claimed that 5 people were arrested in relation to the assassination. According to Tunisian court official Murad a-Turki the police found four cars and two guns with silencers. Their investigation showed these items of evidence were linked to perpetrators now out of the country.

The Tunisian government hasn’t yet issued a statement implicating Israel and Israel has no comment on the matter.


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