Has The Nazi Treasure Train Been Found?

Two people, a Pole and a German, who claim to have located the Nazi “treasure train” which disappeared at the end of World War 2, contacted the local authorities in the Waubzich district of Poland via their lawyers. The two maintain that they are willing to identify the location of the train if they will receive ten percent of the treasure found on it.

The train in discussion presents a mystery to those who are studying the period in history: It was a 145 meter long train which belonged to the German army, the Wehrmacht. In 1945, as the Russian army neared the town of Voroslav (then known as Breslau), the train, filled with jewels and other valuables plundered by the army, travelled deeper into Germany. According to local folklore, the train at some point entered a tunnel in the mountainous region of Lower Silesia and never emerged from it. Later on this tunnel was blocked off and its location was forgotten.

Historians say that there is no conclusive proof that the train existed or was carrying valuables, but the legend captivated the local populace and a significant number of people searched for the train and its booty- without success. Due to the request from the local authorities at Waubzich, army forces, police and firemen intend to cooperate in the excavations which may- or may not- reveal the train and its contents.

If the train is found, it will not be the first of its type. The Nazis did indeed send trains filled with booty to Berlin in the period that the Allies converged on Germany. In the case of the infamous “gold train”, the Nazis sent 24 carriages from Budapest to Germany filled with gold, silver and works of art valued at 200 million dollars which had been looted from Hungarian Jews. This train did not reach its destination- it was stopped by American soldiers, and it was later discovered that those soldiers took some of the booty for themselves.


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