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How Dangerous are Smartphones?

Everyone knows about the danger of smartphones but usually the conversation is relegated to attention deficit or weakening family ties and stealing quality time from the family. But the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) publicized the need to keep these phones away from the body since their radiation can cause cancer. This sudden revelation is actually based on a study 8 years ago in 2009 whose results were hidden from the public.

The study was to see if there was correlation between cell phone radiation and cancerous growths and as we said, the results were hidden from public view until now. What changed? Public pressure. Joel Moskowitz who serves as the head of the Family and Community Medical Center in Berkeley University filed a lawsuit claiming the public has a right to know about the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) study of dangers they might be exposed to from cell phone use. It should also be mentioned that this study was paid for with taxpayer money so the justification to hide it from the taxpayer is non-existent. The courts ended up agreeing with Joel Moskowitz and the worrisome study results were made public.

The researchers, headed by Dr. Karen Smith found that using smartphones can cause the development of cancerous cells in the body including brain tumors. The document also mentions that children are at increased risk over that of adults from exposure to such strong radiation.

Dr. Smith says “the phone should be kept away from the body, not in pants or shirt pocket and a person should certainly not sleep with them.” The cell phone should be kept away from you at night and if you’re not on a call remove your headsets. In addition when the signal is weak try to avoid cellphone use. Likewise don’t use it for streaming audio or video, or for downloading or uploading large files.


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