Hundreds of Thousands of Viewers Eagerly Watch Sacred Journey to Morocco


Hundreds of Thousands of Viewers Eagerly Watch Sacred Journey to Morocco

Essaouira, Morocco: Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto rose from his sickbed and traveled afar, braving the military lockdown in Morocco to travel to the grave of his holy grandfather Rabbi Chaim Pinto and pray for salvation of the Jewish people * Hundreds of thousands watched journey which was broadcast live on Hidabroot Channel in Israel, USA and France * Huge sums of money raised for Kimcha D’Pischa campaign during prayer event * Drama unfolds as local police authorities burst into cemetery and halt the fundraising campaign benefiting the needy of Eretz Yisrael

By E. Tziyon

A stirring event transpired this week (Monday night) in the city of Essaouira, Morocco which is presently under military lockdown due to the rampant spread of coronavirus.

Receiving special permission from the Moroccan royal family, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto rose from his sickbed and traveled across the world to far away Essaouira in Morocco to the sacred resting place of his venerable grandfather Rabbi Chaim Pinto Hagadol, a site auspicious for miracles and salvations.

Rabbi Pinto, who made this harrowing journey in order to stir heavenly mercy and pray for salvation for his Jewish brothers and sisters, also dedicated this journey to raise money for Kimcha D’Pischa for Eretz Yisrael’s needy via Hidabroot’s website. The journey and prayers, streamed live for several hours in a special broadcast on Hidabroot Channel, were followed eagerly by hundreds of thousands of viewers in Israel, the USA, and France.

Upon arrival at the cemetery, Rabbi Pinto spoke passionately about the urgency of arousing heavenly mercy now upon the world, highlighting Hidabroot’s blessed outreach activities as an example. He declared that the first person to make a significant donation would receive the rabbi’s tefillin. The excitement instigated by this announcement inspired a large wave of donations to which Rabbi Pinto responded by blessing each donor individually and bequeathing his Seder plate and the 4 cups that he will use at his upcoming Pesach seder to generous donors.

With tears coursing from his eyes, Rabbi Pinto then described his physical condition, which mirrors the condition of so many members of our nation, as well as his deep anticipation for salvation during this month of Nissan, a time when the Jewish people are destined to be redeemed. Standing beside the sacred resting place of his grandfather, he began reading Sefer Devarim, while pausing every few minutes to deliver words of blessing and salvation to the many generous individuals who donated to this massive Kimcha D’Pischa collection.

In the course of the broadcast, loud knocks sounded on the iron doors of the mausoleum, and local police forces, dispatched by individuals irked by the mass charity campaign on behalf of Israel’s poor, demanded that the visitors vacate the premises immediately. Unfortunately, they timed their entry to coincide with the climax of the campaign, harming Israel’s destitute who so desperately await the generous assistance of their brothers around the world.

Following vigorous protests, Rabbi Pinto resumed his prayers outside the compound, ardently proclaiming to viewers and listeners around the world that he would continue endeavoring on behalf of our nation’s poor and to benefit Hidabroot. He moreover promised his blessing to anyone who lends his support, benefits families in distress and assists Hidabroot’s Kimcha D’Pischa fund.

Rabbi Pinto continues sending his blessings to all in need of salvation. The special prayer event can still be viewed on Hidabroot Channel, enabling hundreds of thousands to participate in this remarkable event and lend their assistance to Israel’s needy.

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