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Hungary Blocks 20 Holocaust Denying Websites

A court in Budapest ordered on Wednesday the temporary blocking of about 20 websites that carry Holocaust denial material.

Budapest chief prosecutor Tibor Ibolya said that the websites all sell the Hungarian edition of a book by a Swedish Holocaust denier that denies the Nazis committed genocide and offers excerpts to read on-line.

The murder of 600,000 Hungarian Jews in the Holocaust is well documented and there are no Hungarian Jews who didn’t lose many relatives.
The Hungarian publisher of the book is out of the country, and the prosecutor says his investigation of him will resume when he returns.

The Hungarian parliament made denying the genocide committed by the Nazi regime a crime punishable by a maximum three-year prison sentence in February 2010.

The law has been applied several times since its passing. In 2015, a 33-year-old Hungarian man was ordered by a prosecutor to visit a Holocaust museum and read a well-known history book on the period after he shared a picture on social media depicting Auschwitz as a fun camp.

In January, a 38-year-old man was given a fine for a tirade on Facebook in which he used anti-Semitic insults and a term which questioned the veracity of the Holocaust.


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