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Kindness: “You’re Looking after My Children, I’ll Make Sure from Heaven that You Lack Nothing”

This story of kindness came from a Facebook post of a lawyer named Yonatan Elias and it is really worthy of sharing.

“A man came to me a year ago, someone I knew from when we were little. He told me how he is really deeply in debt and he has items already garnished by the government collections offices.  I began looking into his case and he was really deep in debt owing hundreds of thousands of shekels.”

“The bank already started foreclosing on his house and the man was sure he’d soon be on the street without a roof over his head for himself, his wife and his children. Both his salary and his wife’s were already garnished to the bank for debts outstanding so they had no income from which to buy food to eat. I tried helping him and looking for ways to move forward but he couldn’t even do these things as he couldn’t make even the smallest payment on any debt.”

“My client and friend walked out of my office shamefaced and disappeared for an entire year. A year later I got a phone call from him. He told me that thank G-d he’s doing much better now and that he just paid back his last debt. I couldn’t believe my ears! I asked him how he did it remembering his inability to make the smallest payment on any debt whatsoever, and he gave me an amazing answer. 7 months ago his wife’s sister passed away leaving 8 orphan children.”

Already during the ‘Shiva’ mourning period my client had already decided that come what may, he would take his sister in law's children into his house and raise them as his own and get them married off when they grow up, literally just like his own children. And that’s exactly what he did. His sister in law’s orphaned children moved in with them and ever since then he experienced amazing divine assistance in all his affairs. He paid back every last penny to his creditors, measure for measure without any logical explanation.”

“A month ago the deceased woman came to her sister (the man’s wife) in a dream with a beaming happy face and told her: “You’re looking after my children, I will see to it from heaven that you lack nothing, forever!” my client told me he feels the hand of G-d accompanying him in ways above the natural. And I personally was reminded of our sages saying: “What a person does something good (for someone else) he does for himself,” the lawyer concluded his post.


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