Must We Be in Pain to Be United?

Father in heaven, It’s so hard for me to see how much Your nation is hurting, how painful it is to hear that my brothers are getting murdered, it’s painful, difficult and frustrating.

I sometimes ask myself: “What could I do to prevent the next terror attack? What can I do in order for another Jew to merit life and get murdered? I’m only 18, that’s it! I’m not a rabbi or someone who brings merit to the masses.

What can my small self do to help?

I try to do mitzvoth and I try to learn Torah. I try to dress modestly. G-d I try very much but I feel it doesn’t help my brothers and sisters…the fact is they’re still getting killed and in such shocking manner that someone go insane when thinking about the barbarism.

So G-d, what should I do? What can remove the awful decree from my wonderful nation? What still needs to be done to bring the Messiah? G-d I feel that I try to pray for your nation, I try to do your will; but it’s not enough.
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In truth, I think You want us to be united

For every time there’s a terror attack many many people come to console the bereaved parents, brothers and sisters or children. Then suddenly it doesn’t matter what kippa the mourner or the murdered wore or if he has one altogether. Some people come from very far away to hug and support those hurting… perhaps you want to teach us to be united and connected without pain?!

And Father we too want that unity, to live with unity and love without the need for such painful moments that were up to now necessary to unite us in times of crisis… why should we only be united in times of pain? Why wait for tragedy to unite?

So my Father in heaven, I resolved to love every Jew no matter what stripe, no matter what color kippa they wear, what their political views are or how much they will reciprocate and love me back… I hope that this will help another Jew merit to continue living and hope that my resolution will light up the hearts of many more Jews so that they will want to do the same. For the life of every Jew is worth the entire world. Every Jew is a unique diamond, a portion of G-d from on high that You continue to love unconditionally and boundlessly despite all the pain we cause You.

Father in heaven, I love You so much and from now on I’ll try with all my heart to love your children. To respect them, shine a kind face to them, see only the good in them, give them the benefit of the doubt and most of all to seek out that piece of Your G-dliness, forever pure, hidden in each one of Your children. It doesn’t matter who they are nor does it matter where they may be.

Waiting daily for Your redemption with the rest of the nation of Israel, Your daughter, Shira


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