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Ted Cruz to Senate: Don’t Dictate Solutions to Israel

Texas Senator Ted Cruz rejected a joint letter to President Obama publicized by 88 senators, urging him to continue America’s longstanding policy of vetoing anti-Israel resolutions in the United Nations Security Council, because its call for a two-state solution violated Israeli sovereignty.

The bipartisan letter co-authored by Republican Mike Rounds of South Carolina and Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, mentioned the senators’ frustration “that talks between Israelis and Palestinians remain stalled,” and their prescription that the only way to resolve the conflicts between the two is through “a sustainable two-state solution with a future state of Palestine.”

“Unfortunately, the language in the opening paragraph declaring the ‘two-state solution’ as the ‘only’ resolution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians makes it impossible for me to sign,” said Cruz.

“This matter is an internal one for Israel to decide, and it is not the place of the United States – or the United Nations – to impose a solution on a sovereign nation.


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