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Terror Suspect Arrested in Heathrow

The Associated Press reports that a 50-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday at London Heathrow airport. He is suspected of terror related activities. The man arrived on a flight from Cairo, according to the report.

After arriving in Britain the man was taken into custody by counter-terrorism officers. British police say he was arrested for allegedly possessing items that have information for someone planning a terror attack. According to AP, investigators also searched a property in north London in conjunction with the arrest of this man.

In the U.K. and across Europe there is a heightened terror alert. Last month, Alex Younger the head of foreign intelligence service MI6 warned that Britain faces an “unprecedented” terror threat that won’t subside until the Syrian civil war ends.

British Security Minister Ben Wallace warned last week that ISIS wants to carry out a massive terror attack in Britain and has “no moral barrier” to using chemical weapons. However, Wednesday’s arrest was pre-planned and not related to ISIS according to police.


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