The Importance of a Wedding Photographer

When Rabbi Avraham Yaakov Pam, the esteemed dean of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas, would sit together with a couple who had come to consult him about a rocky marriage, he would tell them to bring along their wedding album.

He would study it together with them and say with a beaming expression, “Look at the happy smile on your faces! See how happy your mothers were at your wedding! Here is your grandfather dancing with you, his face glowing. Both of you decided to get married because you felt you were suited to one another and felt affection for each other. What a pity to ruin this. Let’s try to patch this up with some good advice and see what has gone wrong. I am sure you will succeed with the proper guidance.”

I heard this story in New York from a Torah scholar, a disciple of R’ Pam. He concluded the story by saying, “I once participated in a wedding as one of the two required witnesses. Just as the groom was about to put the wedding ring on his bride’s finger, the photographer approached the couple and stood between them and the witnesses. The other witness reproached him, saying, ‘Move over. This is the critical point of the wedding ceremony, the Kiddushin, and we must serve as witnesses. You’re in the way!’ I quickly turned to him and said, ‘Why don’t we step aside and let the photographer get the best angle. He is just as important as we are! Perhaps in his merit, this couple will stay married and not get divorced at some time in the future. We can see the giving of the ring as Jewish law requires, but from the side.”

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