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“We Found Tunnels from Sinai to Gaza that Cars Can Go Through”

Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi admitted that his 1 kilometer buffer zone project at the border between Gaza and Sinai is not sufficient. “We discovered tunnels 3 kilometers long at a depth of 35 meters. These are tunnels that cars can go back and forth through, not just people, “al-Sisi said.

This came up in a discussion al-Sisi had yesterday (Tuesday) at a Youth Summit in Ismailia. As part of his efforts to reach out to the younger generation al-Sisi participated in the summit and described Egypt’s battle against the smuggling tunnels between Sinai and Gaza.

“Despite Egypt’s efforts the results aren’t 100%. In order to get 1005 we need more cooperation,” al-Sisi said meaning he’d like the assistance of the local people.

Egypt previously reported finding tunnels from Gaza to the Sinai Peninsula which were 35 meters below the surface and over 3 km. long.
Al-Sisi also addressed the issue of the residents of Rafiah in Gaza that lost their homes to facilitate making the buffer zone. He said they would be compensated for the loss of their homes in the very near future.

Al-Sisi also discussed his candidacy for president in the upcoming Egyptian elections in 2018. Though there was talk of extending Al-Sisi’s term of presidency Al-Sisi said that the elections will take place as scheduled.

“I call to all Egyptian citizens to come out en masse and vote for the president”, he said. If the Egyptians don’t want me I won’t stay in the president’s chair for one extra second! In such a situation, May G-d give Egypt to the best one, to the most worthy one.”


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