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What to Expect at President Trump’s Inauguration

It will be this Friday. The inauguration promises to be an unprecedented event. Donald Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States.

The ceremony will have tighter security than ever with 35 different security groups participating. Officially the ceremonies already start on Thursday when the President and Vice President will lay wreaths in a special ceremony at the Arlington National Cemetery where around 400,000 soldiers, former presidents, and politicians have been buried.

Many people will attend the inauguration ceremony on Friday including leaving president Obama and his wife, former President George W. Bush and his wife and even Bill and Hillary Clinton will also attend. Representatives of many foreign countries will also attend the ceremonies which will extend into Shabbat.

Thousands will be present at the inauguration itself but hundreds of thousands; perhaps even millions will come to the area in honor of the inauguration. Security will keep a sharp eye out for those coming to disrupt the ceremonies or demonstrate against the new president.
Officially, after the inauguration Trump will be president and start to lead the nation. Trump and his family will parade from the Capitol Building to the White House to take residence as the first family.

Trump already announced that fresh Monday morning he and his staff will get to work. May G-d guide their actions and crown them with success.


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