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Who Knows 40?

I have a ‘Segulah’ for you! A spiritual remedy … we have a whole gamut of spiritual remedies for every known malady or predicament. You must have tried some of them…

But what is a Segula, a spiritual remedy?

The Torah writes: “For you are a holy nation to the Lord your G-d; G-d chose in you to be his chosen (Segulah) nation from all, the nations, (Deuteronomy 7, 6).”

Precious Daughters of the King! We’ve merited to be a part of the Nation of Israel, the Chosen Nation which precious to G-d Who also loves the characteristics he imbued in us! These inherent spiritual characteristics are hidden in each one of us. This is the G-dly light that shines inside us as long as we’re alive and can repair that which needs repairing.

The Segulah spiritual remedy enables you to discover which character traits are embedded uniquely in you from the day you were born. In the future, really soon, when you become a mother your unique personal traits will enable you to adapt to your new situation and change according to your new reality. This is the power a ‘Segulah’ brings; from the past to the present to a better future.

The ‘Segulah’ of 40 days expresses what the true essence of ‘Segulah’ is. The number 40 is repeated in the Torah in many different contexts, each with common denominator. That is that 40 days brings to completion, creating a new reality and a change of essence which is effectively also considered creating.

The number 40 can be seen in many places:

40 years the Jews stayed in the desert and changed from slaves to a nation

40 days for a fetus to become (basically) formed

40 seah (volume measure) of water in a mikvah purifies someone from their impurity

40 days to break a bad character trait or human predisposition

40 days Moses prayed before G-d to forgive the Jewish nation and corresponding to that,

40 days we can repent from the 1st of Elul until after Yom Kippur.

Indeed on the 1st of Elul (this Wednesday) on this same day Moses ascended to heaven for the 3rd time and prayed for 40 days straight that G-d should forgive the Jews for the sin of the golden calf. G-d accepted his prayers and on Yom Kippur he descended with the second set of tablets.
From then on Yom Kippur was always a day of forgiveness and purification.

As you can see ‘Segulah’ is not just something very general rather it is based on our holy Torah.

When you accept upon yourself doing a mitzvah or changing a habit for 40 days, this act has an inherent power of renewal and change for the better. The things we are able to change in this manner pertain to purity, prayer and repentance and through persistence changes you to a new woman in a new reality.

Take advantage of this window of opportunity. You more than anyone know what you need to improve. Take the next 40 days to do it and share your success and salvation with us. I’ll be happy for women to send in ideas for 40 day resolutions and other ‘segulot’ spiritual remedies they succeeded with.

Success to all!




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