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Why Must I Always Pray Every Day?

Why must I always pray to G-d every day, doesn’t He know what I need? G-d is omnipotent and knows everything; surely He knows that I need this and that?

When the Jews were in the desert for 40 years G-d provided them with sustenance. He gave them manna from the heavens every day for 40 years straight. Couldn’t he have given us a 40 year supply in one shot? Why go through the ‘trouble’ of a daily delivery?

The reason is that G-d wants us to have a relationship with him. Every day we should come and talk to him. This is really the essence of what prayer is all about. Prayer in Hebrew is Tefillah which has the same letters as petillah in Hebrew. Petillah means wick. The wick is the bridge between the oil, wax or fuel of the candle and the flame that burns it; the bridge between the candle and the fire.

In this same manner, the thing that ties us and bridges between us, meaning our souls and the Creator is prayer. When we pray we make that connection with G-d and make things happen just as a wick connects with the flame and allows the candle to be lit up by the flame.

May we all make a strong connection to G-d by asking daily in formal prayer and always informally throughout the day for G-d’s assistance to do the things we need to do, give us success, heal all our ailments and bring us the redemption. 

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