10 Points About The Month of Nissan

1. Our earlier redemptions took place in Nissan:  The Maharal expounds on the importance of Nissan” “It is the month of redemption. In which we were redeemed from Egypt, Jacob received the blessings, Isaac was born and was tied up on the altar, it is the month we will be redeemed in, and it is the beginning of salvation.” (Maharal, Gevurot Hashem Chapter 45)

2. The future redemption will be in Nissan:  The Maharal writes in his commentary on Aggada (non halachic Talmud passages) on Rosh Hashana that: “It’s fitting that G-d renew miracles in Nissan because the month goes up to the place where redemption is (in the heavens) and so too in the future we will also be redeemed in Nissan.”

3. The redemption of Nissan is from the (heavenly) trait of Kindness, tranquility and peace: Rabbi Mosh Chaim Luzzato also explains that the future redemption will be in Nissan and adds that this redemption will be with the trait of compassion (from G-d), with peace and tranquility. In his “Essay on Redemption” Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzato writes: “And now you should know that the redemption of Israel must be in Nissan for it is a time of an outpouring of kindness (from above) as I said and that’s why it will come with peace and tranquility.”

4. Nissan’s redemption will be with miracles and wonders: The Mechilta (Midrash on Exodus) brings a dispute about when will be the redemption will be. Rabbi Joshua says it will be in Nissan and Rabbi Eliezer says it will be in Tishrei (the month of Rosh Hashana). The Malbim explains the dispute: “If Israel is worthy it will come miraculously with signs and wonders and Israel is not worthy it will come with hidden miracles, close to natural.” The Malbim clarifies that “Nissan marks the wondrous (supernatural divine) leading of the world for in this month G-d made many wondrous miracles and the future redemption will be with signs and wonders.”

5. Nissan is auspicious to help faith take root: The Netziv writes: “The whole month is auspicious for (a person) to root the foundations of faith (inside him). This is the meaning in the Haggadah of “you may think (the Passover holiday should be) on the first of the month you should say the story of the redemption from Egypt.”

6. In Nissan the Honor of G-d’s kingdom is revealed: the Sfat Emet writes that when leaving Egypt the honor of G-d’s kingdom was revealed to the world and that is why it looks like the renewal of the world, “Upon leaving Egypt when the honor of G-d’s kingdom became apparent in the world it was really something new in the world. Therefore G-d commanded: this month is for you, you have no other renewal but this… (Month and new both have the same root Ch D Sh) therefore Nissan is the Rosh Hashana unique to Israel for they realize that this is the purpose of creation and for them it is the beginning and first of the months of the year. The other nations are happy with creation and that’s why they celebrate Tishrei when the world was created as Rosh Hashana. But Israel’s happiness is with the purpose and intention of creation which is to do the will of G-d and proclaim His Kingdom as it says “For these are our life” that is why for Israel Nissan is the Rosh Hashana and it’s the main reason for creation.” (Sfat Emet, Shmot, Bo 5657 (1897)

7. G-d’s newly chooses Israel every year in Nissan: The Sfat Emet continues and explains thatevery year during Nissan G-d chooses Israel as his nation. “In Nissan G-d’s choosing us is aroused anew every year that g-d chooses his nation Israel… and purity comes down from heaven to the souls of Israel who desire to purify themselves.”

8. The month of Nissan is auspicious for cleaving to G-d: The Shem MiShmuel says “The month of Nissan is a special time for Israel to cleave to G-d and that is why it is set aside for the redemption.”

9. Nissan is the time to elevate the soul in serving G-d: He further explains that in the month of Adar before Nissan a heavenly arousal comes into the hearts of Israel even to those who were sleeping beforehand.” The Shem MiShmuel adds that since Nissan is a time for renewal in serving G-d the preceding month of Adar is a preparation for it. “Nissan is a time of renewing serving G-d which needs effort of the heart, life, emotion and elevation of the soul and strengthening your hand (in good deeds). Therefore in Adar that preceded it, courage and strengthening, holy emotion and exaltedness are given into the hearts of Israel from heaven.” (Shem MiShmuel Vayakhel 5679 , 1919)
10. Nissan is the auspicious time for man to renew his divine service to G-d: A man must feel new. The Shem MiShmuel sums it up saying: From here is a lesson to man that he should understand what the moth of Nissan asks of him- to renew himself in all his thoughts speech and deeds as if he is a new creation and not remember previous (mistakes) that shouldn’t even be thought about in his heart.”


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