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11 Terror Suspects Arrested in Relation to Nice, France Massacre

Five months ago on Bastille Day, Mohamed Bouhlel drove a 19 ton truck into a crowd of people at the seafront in Nice, France.The victims were celebrating and watching fireworks. 86 were murdered and over 400 were wounded.
At the time 3 people were arrested were arrested and charged with supplying Bouhlel with an assault rifle and a pistol which Bouhlel used in a firefight against police. He was shot dead at the scene. ISIS took responsibility for the massacre saying that Bouhlel was one of their followers.

11 people were arrested. They were part of an arms smuggling group.10 of them were arrested in Nice the 11th in Nantes though he too used to live in Nice. 6 of the 11 have already been charged with having links to Mohamed Bouhlel but it is not clear that they knew specifically that Bouhlel was carrying out an attack. These 11 were arrested after being found to have ties with the 3 people already arrested on Bastille Day.

We hope there is enough evidence to serve them justice, prevent arms being smuggled and bring safety to France. 


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