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60 Second Headlines: 2 Elderly Men Killed in Fires

Israel news:

Fires from heating coils: A handicapped 85 year old man and another 83 year old man were killed in fires in Jerusalem and Hod Hasharon from heating coils that set their homes on fire.

9 people hurt in a Galilee car crash 3 of them are critically injured.

3 babies die in Israeli nurseries not awakening from their naps. An 8 month old boy from Tel Aviv an 8 moth old girl from Tira and a 7 month old girl in Pardess Hannah.

The Ministry of Agriculture impounded 4.5 tons of meat that was kept in unhealthy illegal conditions. This meat was from a black market Palestinian slaughtering smuggled in from the PA.

Lead in the water was discovered in 26 Israeli Towns. These numbers are the results of recent tests from the water corporations and local councils.


Cabinet meeting discussed Trump-Netanyahu meeting.  The Prime Minister’s office stated that the cabinet members made their positions clear and also agreed about the great importance of strengthening relations with the U.S.

New version of “Muezzin Law” ratified:  According to the new proposal noise levels will be diminished during the night time. During the day, announcement systems noise levels won’t exceed legally established limits. 

Rivlin claims Regulation Law passing will “make Israel look like an apartheid state.” In his opinion, “The Israeli Government has no right to place laws on lands that aren’t under its sovereignty.”

Mk Smotritz to IDF Chief of Staff: Wait with the draft scheduled for Purim so that soldiers can celebrate Purim in the synagogue and with their families.

World news:

Arab news sources say the ISIS leader Abu Bacher Al-Baghdadi was critically wounded in an aerial strike. The Iraq army stated there is no confirmation on this information.

Hassan Nasrallah on Trump: “We’re not worried. The man sitting in The White House is a fool. This is the beginning of the redemption”.

Germany:  An airport was closed down and flights rerouted when pepper mace gas was filtered through the airport’s ventilation system. More than 50 travelers were hospitalized.

Israeli weather: Rain from Northern Israel to the Northern Negev and scattered thundershowers. In the desert and Dead Sea region there are flood warnings in effect.  Snow will fall on Mount Hermon and temperatures will be lower than average.


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