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A Peeling Mask Made from Tomatoes?

A peeling mask made out of tomatoes, can it be? It really does exist and it works better than you could imagine! The cosmetic industry long ago discovered the benefits of lycopene which is an enzyme found in tomatoes. They use it in many cosmetics and creams. But they also use many other things in those products that you may not want touching your face if you have sensitive skin or you’re allergic. So why settle for an imitation when you can get the genuine article?

This exfoliating mask will do the same job as expensive mask treatments you would buy from cosmetic companies, cleaning the face of dirt and oils, and tightening the skin. The only difference is that this is far healthier and far less expensive and probably more effective too!

You will need a finely grated tomato ¼ cup of milk and half the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. Mix ingredients together and spread on face. Wait a ½ hour and rinse off with warm water. You can repeat this a few times a week.

If you want to remove facial hair on your own you can take gelatin powder, ¼ cup of milk and a finely grated tomato. Place in pot and put on a small flame, add a tablespoon of honey and bring to boil. When it cools off spread on areas of face with hair you want to remove. Allow mask to harden and gently peel away in opposite direction of hair growth.


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