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Cabbage for Arthritis and Gout? 

Not every homemade remedy for arthritis or gout is necessarily effective. But people are prepared to try them. One method currently mentioned in the media and recommended by alternative medicine practitioners is using cabbage for these ailments.

How does cabbage help? Research from the University of North Carolina and the NYU Medical Center show that cabbage has chemicals called phytonutrients and anti-oxidants anthocyanin and glutamine which have strong anti-inflammatory properties. These chemicals have proven effect against pain and joint inflammation and some even claim that they are effective against osteo-arthritis, a chronic arthritis whose main symptom is the wearing out of cartilage between joints.

The last study of the University of North Carolina found that cabbage has characteristics which can even help fight various types of cancer.

So what do you do for this remedy?

1. Take a few red or white cabbage leaves and rinse them well.

2. Cut off the hard stem part leaving only the soft part of the leaves.

3. Gently dry the leaves well.

4. Wrap leaves in foil and warm in oven for a few minutes. They should be warm, not hot.

5. Place leaves on area that hurts and wrap well with bandage, gauze or anything that will hold them secure (even plastic wrap!).

6. Leave on for one hour. Repeat 3 times a day unless instructed otherwise by your doctor.

Note: You will only feel the effects a day later. And though cabbage allergies are rare you should rinse the area after removing the cabbage to prevent an allergic reaction. If you feel such a reaction coming with scratchiness or skin irritation stop the treatment.
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General nutrition tips for inflamed joints and gout

A diet consisting of vegetables fruit whole grains low sodium and fish is the best for people suffering from these problems.
Please take heed to the following principles:

  • Minimize sodium intake
  • Forego fatty foods which tend to encourage inflammation
  • Use natural oils including coconut oil
  • Try to totally avoid white flour, white sugar and products in which they’re found
  • Avoid animal proteins including chicken, beef, and dairy products. These foods increase the production of prostaglandin which causes inflammation.
  • Take omega 3 caplets
  • Drink at least 8-10 glasses of mineral or filtered water daily

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