A Sign from Heaven? Massive Plague of Locusts Hits Mecca

Social media is buzzing following a huge locust plague that hit the most sacred site for Muslims in Mecca over the last few days. The timing of the event is particularly striking; during the Weekly Torah Portion of Bo – where the plague of locusts is mentioned.
International media outlets, surveying the horrific phenomenon, report seeing black 'grasshoppers' flocking to every corner of the site.
Various videos on social media show that the plague is everywhere around the mosque, and local authorities have ordered teams of no less than 138 people to eliminate the insects. In one of the videos you could see tens of thousands of insects circling in the sky above the mosque, covering the walls, the floor, and even the clothes of those present at the site.

According to reports from the British Daily Mail, state officials claim that open water pools near the pilgrimage site that help the locusts breed are the cause of the plague.


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