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A Spa for Babies?

Everyone loves a pleasant bath and a good massage after a long hard day, even a newborn! At Perth Baby Spa the clients are up to half a year old!

The spa boasts special massages with gentle aromatic oils suitable for the skin of babies, a whole selection of magical mini bathtubs and special safety floats that hold the baby’s head above water when he frolics about all by himself!

“This patented floatation device is called ‘Bubby’ which ensures the baby’s safety in the water and has a very calming effect on babies” say the spa supervisors. Safety is the key word with which we established this spa center. Even the mini bathtubs allow the baby to move freely which helps them develop their muscles and bones. The water is purifies with various natural ingredients that on one hand kill germ and on the other hand are safe and don’t cause harm to the babies.”
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After sloshing around in the water which has gentle waves which contribute to natural calm the babies are taken to a special room where the get a delicate massage with grape seed oil and their soft skin.

It sounds like there should be a spa like this for adults!
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