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About Hidabroot Organization

With close to 3,000,000 hits and close to 9,000,000 page views a month and counting, Hidabroot proudly owns and operates a rich, content-filled website that addresses all aspects of Judaism. The site supports the Hidabroot television channel and allows visitors to access the network’s programs 24 hours a day. The site includes a vast array of video lectures and articles on virtually every topic in Judaism, an online Judaica shop, access to personalized spiritual guidance, and matchmaking services. 

The Organization

The Hidabroot organization was founded in 2002 by Rabbi Zamir Cohen Shlita.

The Mission

Working towards bringing people together and closer to Judaism, while creating a sense of solidarity among the various sectors in Israel without discriminating against any group or individual.

To nurture, strengthen and address common issues among the various layers that make up the Jewish population, by providing exposure through education and allowing people to access the wealth that the Jewish culture has to offer.

The network provides public access to Jewish cultural values by using a vast range of technological and organizational means.

Providing assistance to the needy population.

All of this is done through the web, social media, live events, weekend getaways and the production of Jewish videos and articles on all subjects of Judaism


The Hidabroot TV Network

The cable channel (97) which broadcasts via satellite, is available to the public, free of charge – 24 hours a day.

The channel broadcasts a wide range of Jewish programs, including talk shows, lectures, and programs for children. The programs expose the richness of the Jewish culture to a wide range of the Israeli public. The network’s goal is to create a cultural dialogue between different sectors of the multifaceted population.

The Hidabroot Magazine

The organization produces a beautiful, full-color, glossy monthly magazine, delivered to subscribers by mail. This magazine is composed of a diversified mix of articles and investigative reports including profiles, interviews, stories of empowerment and Divine providence, Jewish psychology, education, personal empowerment, as well as a children’s section.

The Weekly Newsletter

The organization distributes a weekly, electronic newsletters sent via e-mail.

The newsletter includes articles, lessons in Jewish law, advice, and Hidabroot bulletins. The newsletter is distributed to over 90,000 subscribers.

Counseling and Guidance Department

This department counsels, directs and supports families in need of guidance without discriminating against any group or individual. The organization is equipped to receive thousands of phone calls per month. These calls are answered with much patience and professionalism by a team of experts, rabbis and spiritual advisers.

The House of Hidabroot

Hidabroot runs workshops on various topics through a Jewish lens. The workshops are given in a personalized atmosphere. Some of the topics include: relationships, parenting, personal empowerment, and more.

Shabbat Leaflets

The organization edits and distributes 8-page Shabbat leaflets. These leaflets are distributed in synagogues and various distribution centers throughout the country. The leaflets contain thoughts on the weekly Torah portion, sections on Jewish culture and parenting, a section for teens, as well as sections on Jewish law and family matters. There are 19,000 copies circulated every week.

Lectures and Seminars

The events department is responsible for the coordination of conferences, seminars, lectures, and Shabbat getaways all around the country – all in the spirit of Judaism.

Food Distribution and Assistance Programs for the Needy

Hidabroot works tirelessly, distributing food and supporting dozens of needy families during the Jewish holiday seasons.

The “Joyful Heart” Project

Hidabroot supports talented artists who travel the country, going to homes and hospitals, bringing joy and happiness to sick children and the elderly, without discriminating against any group or individual.

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