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An Unexpected Visit from the Police

One morning of chol-hamoed the intermediary days of sukkot, bright and early in the morning things were active as usual in my home with shouts from my loud and active children. One was chasing another, and 2 of my younger daughters were fighting and yelling especially loud. At the peak of the argument I managed to get my cellphone out of their hands and relocked the screen.

A few minutes later the phone rings and since the number didn’t show on my caller ID I usually try not to answer such calls and ignored it. But they were persistent and I finally answered; it was the police.

“Shalom, am I speaking with Chagit Amayev?” the voice asked. “Yes”, I answered. “We received a call concerning you”, the voice continued. I was thinking, ‘may G-d have mercy on me, what did I do already?

A short while later 2 policemen show up at my door and ask me how I’m doing and if everything is okay, if the kids are okay and if things between my husband and I are okay. I’m nervous and want to k now where this conversation is leading to. Very tensely I ask: “Can I ask what’s going on here?”

The policeman answered: “Okay, we realize that there’s nothing out of the ordinary here, just that we received a call from your phone to the police, we heard shouting in the background and we just wanted to make sure everything was okay. We tried calling again and again and when no one answered at first they decided to send us over to check things out.’

I give a great laugh of relief and take a deep relaxing breath thinking my 2 little girls must have accidently called the police when they were playing with my phone.

This episode got me thinking:

1. There is someone who is watching over us every step we make down here on earth and also from heaven. This gives me a sense of security.

2. Life is dynamic and full of sharp turns leading to unexpected places so we really need to pray to g-d to be with us at our sides.

3. If I was so afraid of the police, what will I say to my creator after 120 years when I stand in judgment?

‘These were the days of Sarah’s life, 100 years, 20 years and 7 years” (127 total). The commentators say that Sarah used all her days for holiness and elevation though her life wasn’t at all easy at any stage of it. This teaches us that every episode of our life is meant to arouse us and give us a message, calling us to consider the path we take so we can strive to higher spiritual heights every day of our life till 120! May we merit this!


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