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Are French Fries a Life Endangering Food?

In research recently published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition findings tell of increased risk of death to those who eat French fries.
This study was carried out by nutritionists and cardiologists across a few countries including the UK and Italy researching the consumption of potatoes in 4,400 people from the ages 45-79 for 8 years. Astoundingly 236 of them died during the study.

The researchers also investigated how these people consume their potatoes. Results show that fried potatoes twice a week doubles a person’s risk of dying early. Boiled or steamed potatoes had no such negative effect. Nutritionists stress that it’s quite possible due to the many vitamins, nutrients and fiber found in potatoes they are a relatively healthy food balancing against its high glycemic index. (The glycemic index is how fast a food turns into sugar during digestion and gets absorbed by the blood.)

But as we said, fried potatoes like your favorite French fries increase the risk of early death. It’s possible it’s not the potatoes themselves rather it’s the frying that causes all the trouble.

We should stress that these results are from a first statistical research on this topic and shouldn’t be a cause for great concern if you don’t go overboard packing in those chips and eat them sparingly.


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