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Are You Always Cold During the Winter?

Winter is here and in some places it’s here with vengeance! Some people are not that sensitive to cold but some are very sensitive and find themselves wrapping themselves in many layers just to stay warm. Some of those people may want to see if theirs is something they can do about being cold, especially if everyone else doesn’t feel as cold as them.

There may be 4 contributing factors to someone feeling cold:

  1. You’re thirsty- In the Summertime and hot weather we feel it when we’re thirsty and we drink what we need without the need to be reminded. But in the cold winter we don’t necessarily feel thirsty when we are and must make sure to stay hydrated by drinking regardless of how we feel. How to deal with this: Make reminders to drink a note or keep a water bottle near you on your desk or in your bag so you’ll always remember to drink.
  2. Lack of sleep- People feel cold when they are deprived of the sleep they need. How to deal with this: Remember you need to sleep adequately otherwise you will always feel cold.
  3. You may have a circulatory system problem: Our blood regulates our body temperature. If your extremities, hands, fingers, feet or toes are cold or even blue you have some circulatory system problem that a doctor may be able to help. With proper circulation you will feel less cold. How to deal with this: A. See a doctor. B. When feeling cold try to do some vigorous exercise like jumping jacks or running in place for a minute to get the blood going and you will notice you are already feeling warmer.
  4. Lack of iron, anemia: Someone missing iron in his blood will often feel cold. Coldness, sleepiness and fatigue are constant companions of anemic people even if they get a good night sleep. How to deal with this: Make sure you eat a wholesome and nutritious breakfast including fruits and green vegetables. A doctor can prescribe iron supplements for those who need to treat their anemia.

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