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Bible Codes: The Twin Towers

Explanation: This code was discovered by Prof. Eliyahu Rips the evening after the disaster which stunned the whole world occurred in New York City. This code contains a series of terms which are chillingly connected to the terrifying catastrophe.

To check if events or incidents are hinted to in the Bible, the computer is programmed to look where the shortest sequence of two words cross each other’s path. First the terms “twins” and “towers” in Hebrew were fed to the computer, and it scanned the Bible and found the shortest sequence where both words appear in the Torah.  The table before you shows where the words crossed. This meeting also contains the shortest sequence of the word “twins” anywhere in the Torah.

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The “shortest sequence” means the shortest interval of letters that appear between each letter in the word. The shortest sequence of the word teumim (twins) appears with a sequence of 36 letters between each letter of the word. After finding the shortest sequence, the computer then shifts the letters of the text to create a table with 36 letters on each line so that the searched word appears in a straight vertical line.

The shortest sequence of the word migdalei (towers) is 71 letters (36 letters times 2 minus 1).We find this word in the above table with each of its letters appearing every other line, while regressing a letter each line. Now that we have the table set up, we can start searching for other words related to what happened to the “Twin Towers”.

Astonishingly, we hit the bull’s eye! We discover a bounty of information about this event. A letter from the word “towers” occurs in the Biblical text “to die there.” One word that shares a letter from both terms “twin” and “towers” (thelamedof “towers” and thehehof “the twins”) isl’aineihem” — “before their eyes.” When this disaster occurred, the eyes of all Americans and the entire world was watching it real-time on from their TV screens.

There is more. The wordmatos” (plane) andhipeel” (toppled) cross each other while underneath them is the wordpaamayim” (twice). There were two planes and two buildings. It should be emphasized that the word “the twins” found in this place is the minimal sequence that can be found in the Bible and it appears in the Book of Numbers. The word “towers” is the eighth minimal sequence in the Torah, and the second minimal sequence that appears in the Book of Numbers.

The word “plane”  is the seventh minimal sequence in the entire Torah and the second minimal sequence in the Book of Numbers. The word “toppled” is far from being the minimal sequence, but it is highly relevant to the text. (See paragraph 4 in the introduction). Statistical calculations show that the likelihood of the word “towers” converging with “the twins” in the Book of Numbers is 1 to 125, between “plane” and “towers”, about 1 to 40, and between “plane” and “the twins” about 1 to 500.

In a test done on 10,000 texts as a control group (performed by a random mixture of words from verses in the Book of Numbers), there was no text that contained these 3 words together in a sequence equal or greater to the one in the Book of Numbers. Therefore, the likelihood of these 3 appearing together is estimated at 1 to 10,000.

Note that this test relates only to these 3 terms alone and not the other related terms, which is far more impressive. Note also the significant connection to the surrounding text where these sequences occur. The section describes Moses hitting the rock twice. (It is perhaps of interest that the island of Manhattan sits on hard rock, which is why it is possible to build skyscrapers on it.)




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