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The Infinite Creator Concealed in the Composition of the Universe and Man

No scientifically rational human being can intelligently argue against the idea that the universe is governed by an unseen unifying force.  Indeed, modern physics has concluded that this one unseen force divides its unifying power into four (4) unseen forces: electromagnetic, gravity, strong and weak. 

These 4 forces, guided by the unifying force, form physical matter into 3 groups of 3’s (3 x 3): electrons protons and neutrons, each one formed by 3 individual energy units (up quarks, down quarks & leptons).  Ultimately, this unseen unification of 3-3’s leads to the basic element of physicality called the atom.  Rocks aside for now, humans are made of atoms, which group to form molecules, proteins, cells, organs which compose us walking, talking organisms.

And, to be sure, humans are organisms whose pieces multiply and copy one another all day long, whether skin cells, liver cells, or full human babies, when two humans collaborate. This is done by the virtue of an amazing molecule called DNA. The double helical structure lends itself to cell self replication and can combine to entire organism replication. But all of the information, from fingernail to certain personality traits, is stored there. 

Yet, one of the most perplexing and amazing features of DNA is that it appears to magically replicate and correct its mistakes with astounding accuracy, in order to transmit vast amount of pre-programmed information.  And it does so, moving, twisting, turning, breaking, and fixing, seemingly on its own, without a brain.  Yet, it appears to do a thinking dance, especially when broken in half and re-combined (i.e. procreation), where it can lead to an entirely new, unique organism, never seen before in the universe.  

Again, this is a molecule made up of atoms, which are made of the three 3’s above, directed by the 4 unseen forces that are unified by the one unseen force.  And this unity brings astounding simplicity to DNA, the human hard drive.
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DNA, with all of its protein and eye forming information, is only made of a simple 4 components, called bases.  These 4 bases pair up with one another in individually unique combinations, making the human the individual that he or she physically is.  But, there are only 4 pieces. 

Literally, the only physical difference amongst humans is the order in which those simple 4 combine.  And up those 4 bases, each made up of atoms, which are made of 3 groups (electrons, neutrons, protons) of 3’s (up quarks, down quarks and leptons), are governed by the 4 forces that emanate from the one unseen force.  

Thus, human physicality is quite uniform, as well as unified, at the strictest scientific view.  This unseen unified force, uses the 4 pronged, 4 force DNA to spit out protein, me and you, by coding for 20 amino acids and 2 silent, or ‘stop’ codons.

The repetition of the number sequences above may open one to the ideas that Torah has revealed centuries ago about the secret of human life, and the atomic nature of the world in general.  Surely the idea of a unifying unseen force is obviously in tandem and harmony with Jewish tradition and thought.  In fact lately science is silently and reluctantly crawling behind millennial wisdom of Torah. 

Science can’t escape the fact that physical life is indeed derived by the One and Only Unseen Unity.  Yet, more profoundly, perhaps, in its own vernacular, science acknowledges what the holy Torah has said all along: The Unseen Infinite Creative Force manifests the Infinity down into the finite world by unifying 4 spiritual powers. 

We say, of course, that those forces are derived from the Tetragrammaton (yud, hey, vav, hey) penetrating 4 decreasing levels of spiritual-physical worlds (Atzilut, Yetzirah, Briah & Asiyah).  This leads to the lowest form of atomic physical fruit (malchut) by combining 3 groups of 3 (ChaBaD, ChaGaT, and NaHaY). And, ultimately, this Infinite penetration, vis a vis the tool of the Infinite, called Tree of Life (Etz Chaim) is interconnected by 22 pronged spiritual energies (the Hebrew letters), 2 of which are silent (aleph, ayin).  One cannot ignore the parallel numbers of spiritual life and physical life. 

The complexity of human life and life as a whole cannot statistically be a random lottery.

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Indeed, the Ramban reminds us that “there is a great need to start the Torah with “Breishit bara Elokim” (In the beginning, Hashem created… Genesis 1:1) because understanding the actual creation itself is the root of faith.’ To flesh this out, Rabbi Moshe Cordovero in his Kabbalah work Pardes Rimonim, in the Sha’ar Ha’Gvanim (Gate of Colors), reminds us that Binah (understanding) of the universe is rooted in the color green. 

Even further, the Infinite Creator surrounds the world with a green line (kav yarok) lending to that deeper understanding.  Green is the easiest color to penetrate the human eye and the color of all initial fruits; it is the color of all leaves prior to their fall, and, in Torah, lends to an understanding of the Infinite at the most primal creative level.  Perhaps one feels this, when praying in a field of grass, or camping, surrounded by trees.  Green lends one to contemplate the greatness of the creation, and, by extrapolation, the Creator. Techelet (sky blue) is the reflection of pure kindness (chesed) of the Creator. 

In fact, each color reflects a different aspect of how the Infinite directs the universe vis a vis the Tree of Life, according to Rabbi Cordovero who derives his work from the Zohar.

The Zohar reinforces the importance of this understanding (Binah) in the idea that the first verse of the Torah (Breshit bara Elokim) was initially intended to be the 2nd verse of the Torah–since, in reality, chaotic emptiness preceded the creation of heaven and earth.  Yet, the understanding of the green atomic physicality of Genesis is such a crucial building block of faith in the Infinite and His work, so it was placed first.  For faith in the Infinite does not come from meditating on the colorless emptiness.

To us mere mortals, only grasping the green physicality can be the first step.  Thus, understanding nature and how it is rationally structured, according to Maimonides, is essential to even touch upon the supra-rational.  And while we don’t need science to ‘prove’ the Torah, as we look at our 4-base paired DNA masquerade for the spiritual, (ourselves) every day in the mirror, we may take comfort in the fact that even the world of physics admits that the physical world is derived from The One and Only Unseen Unified Spiritual Source—G-d. We may even take more comfort in the fact that our 4 piece masquerade hiding the spiritual is essentially identical to our neighbor’s.


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