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Carcinogens at Home

Everyone knows about Teflon pans, artificial sweeteners, air fresheners and plastic containers for the most part contain carcinogens. So what do you do? Here are 4 products with these dangerous ingredients and 4 viable substitutes.

4 types of products that may be dangerous.
1. Artificial sweeteners.
2. Air fresheners.
3. Toothpaste.
4. Dandruff shampoo.

Artificial sweeteners- the danger and substitutes.

Though we often think we’re taking the healthy path when substituting sugar usually it’s quite the opposite. Aspartame, saccharin (sucarzit), sorbitol and acesulfame potassium, are dangerous. Though in short term they may not cause damage but long term use can increase cancer risk, as they all are or contain carcinogens.
Many studies link aspartame consumption to skin cancer and saccharin consumption to bladder cancer. And sorbitol that gets only partially digested causes stomach upset, bloating, gas and diarrhea.

What are viable substitutes?
Stevia, agave syrup, silan (date honey not for diabetics) and erythritol, a sugar alcohol are viable substitutes.

Air fresheners the dangers and its substitutes
Studies have found that the propellant gasses released from air fresheners are far more dangerous than smoking a cigarette. These gasses cause complications and respiratory ailments, disruptions of hormonal function and also contain a lot of formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen especially to the nose and throat.
You can substitute air fresheners with ethereal oils diluted in water to spread pleasant scents in the house. There are those that prefer using jasmine or rosemary oil that raise the spirit and improve function of the nervous system. The ratio should be 15 drops per half cup of distilled water.

Toothpaste, the danger and the substitute
Many types of toothpaste use saccharin as an artificial sweetener and put in fluoride. Both are not innocent substances and are carcinogenic. Studies on fluoride show that not only does it cause cavitites it can also harm the thyroid gland.  Coconut oil is an excellent natural and effective substitute than any commercially made toothpaste.

Dandruff Shampoo
Dandfruff shampoo like head and shoulders has methylchloroisothiazolinone which may not mean anything to you but it should. Many studies show that it’s carcinogenic and is a direct cause of genetic mutations. Sulfate laureth ammonium is another dangerous substance which can burn the eyes upon contact with them.
Rosemary oil is a viable substitute which was proven for many generations to be effective.


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