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Chief Rabbi to IDF Chief of Staff: “Bring Torah Classes Back to Army Training Bases”

Israel Chief Rabbi, Rabbi David Lau wants to restore the Torah classes that were given to IDF soldiers near the ‘City of Army Training Camps’ in Southern Israel. Until this past October Torah classes were given every Sunday evening by IDF Rabbi Peretz Einhorn to thousands of soldiers but these were stopped by the IDF technology and logistics division.

These soldiers sent letters to the Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkott asking that the classes be restored but the letters were ignored. Because of this the chief rabbi was forced to write his own letter to the chief of staff which hopefully won’t be ignored. Rabbi Lau wrote that returning the classes to the IDF bases is something proper to do in light of the tensions between the IDF and certain rabbis. “The combination of the book and the sword has great spiritual strength,” wrote Chief Rabbi Lau. “Everyone knows the soldier’s ability isn’t measured by physical strength and fitness alone, rather also by his values and faith. Recently it became incumbent upon all of us to change the atmosphere of public conversation about this and I’m convinced that if you authorize renewal of these Torah classes this will be a worthy step in giving expression to the feelings of many and it will contribute to lowering the flames (of dispute).”

Last month MK Na’avah Boker sent the chief of staff a similar letter asking him to “reconsider reinstating the Torah classes on Army bases the went on 3 years straight before being stopped which strengthening our soldiers and offer them an important incentive to their continued army service. Rabbi Peretz would encourage soldiers to fulfill their duties happily with a sense of mission and responsibility to the nation and the State of Israel. I see this as something important which contributes to the soldiers’ morale.”

At the time the IDF responded saying the classes were discontinued because they weren’t given on Army bases but now the chief of staff is considering other ways to reinstate the lectures in light of the chief rabbi’s request.


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