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China Has a New Stealth Submarine

The Chinese have developed a new stealth submarine called the Jin 094A.This secret 'humpback' stealth nuclear sub surfaces has missiles that could reach ANYWHERE in the US.  China's improved submarine is part of a boarder Chinese strategic modernization program that includes early warning satellites, long-range missile defenses, stealth bombers, and heavy ICBMs.

First strike capability is to be able to launch a nuclear attack. States that aren’t yet nuclear powers are more concerned with this level of capability. Second strike capability, is the ability of a nuclear power to launch a retaliatory nuclear attack even after suffering a devastating conventional or nuclear attack. World powers are more concerned with creating and maintaining these systems as deterrence against another world power launching a first strike against them since they would be guaranteed to be hit back. This is called guaranteed mutual destruction. However it does not deter terrorist groups from trying to launch a nuclear attack as they aren’t a country and have nothing to lose.

China's latest secret stealth submarine was photographed. The 'Jin' Type 094A has a large 'hump' concealing 12 submarine-launched ballistic missiles known as 'big waves', with a range of over 11,000km. These can easily hit almost any target in the states without even having to leave the heavily defended Yulin Naval Base in Hainan Island. This base has underground shelters and docks for submarines that offer much protection besides the protection of Chinese naval presence in the China Sea.

Previously, Chinese subs were not considered very survivable, due to the combination of shortcomings in anti-submarine warfare technology, noisy nuclear propulsion technology, and insufficient range. But now the Chinese submarines are much stealthier meaning they are much harder to detect and many of the problems mentioned were overcome.

China is beginning to catch up to other powers at sea, including the US and Japan and neither one is happy about that.


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