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Clinton and Trump in a Nutshell

With mud-slinging, rumor mills, and scandlas (oh my!) aplenty, the opinions of Trump and Clinton may fall by the wayside. As such, we present “Clinton and Trump in a Nutshell.”

ISIS & the Immigration of Syrian Refugees

Not surprisingly, both candidates have reiterated the importance of dismantling the ISIS-threat; however, Trump has repeatedly insinuated that the Obama administration (which included Clinton for years) is at fault for having created the environment for ISIS to develop and spread. Additionally, while Trump is concerned that any and every Syrian refugee may be a sleeper-cell ISIS member, Clinton advocates for increased numbers of refugees being granted entrance into the USA.

Military Spening, Guns, and Police

Trump and Clinton aren't looking to cut defense spending, though they do differ regarding where the funds should be allocated from. When it comes to the average citizen's right to own a gun, Trump – endorsed by the NRA – is looking to uphold the Second Amendment, whereas Clinton is looking for “sensible” gun reform, including closing the online and gun show loopholes.
Both candidates are considering enforcing a “no fly, no buy” policy, wherein an individual on the terrorist watch list would be unable to purchase a gun. Regarding the men in blue, Clinton desires nothing mroe than to reestablish a sense of trust between police officers and the communities they patrole, whereas Trump has long prided himself on being the “law and order candidate.”

Abortion and Maternity Leave

Clinton defends a woman's right to choose; Trump feels that doctors who perform abortions shoudd be jailed. If/when the baby is born, mothers throughout the country may rejoice at the suggested mandated maternity leave; however, Trump's six weeks pales in comparison to Clinton's twelve weeks of maternity leave.

Did we leave out an issue of importance to you? Who will you be voting for?


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