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Did You Know the Fridge Door is Not a Good Place to Keep Eggs?

Most people take the eggs they buy and put them right into the fridge door in the place specially made for them. But according to experts that spoke with the Daily Mail this is a common mistake that should be avoided. They claim that the fridge door is actually the worst place for keeping eggs and that they have a shorter shelf life there.

The reason for this, they claim is because the door is the hottest part of the fridge which can cause the eggs to spoil faster than if they were an inner shelf. In addition, since the door gets opened and closed constantly the eggs are subject to temperature swings which shorten how long they last. Some experts recommend keeping the eggs in their original carton and placing them in the middle shelf of the fridge. According to the British Egg Information Service, they recommend keeping them in a carton in a place with a steady temperature under 200 c and to keep them away from strong smelling foods to prevent the smell getting absorbed into the eggs.

Dr. Stuart Farrimond, a UK author of “The Science of Cooking” is also a ‘foodie’. He says that eggs stored in the fridge door are not good for baking. The baked goods will spoil quicker. If you want to make an omelet you can take an egg straight from the fridge but for any baked goods the eggs should be brought back to room temperature for optimal results.

Leaving eggs out is not a great option either. Food storage expert Vlatka Lake explains that the consensus is to keep eggs in the fridge but not in the door where they’ll spoil quicker.


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