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Don’t Bury Me, I’m Alive!

This strange episode happened in the Szechuan province of China in this past Sunday, January 22nd. A 75 year old man that battled cancer lay silent in bed and did not respond to the family members trying to awaken him. They touched him and found his body to be cold and they understood that he died and started to make preparations for his funeral.

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Man in coffin

The man was laid in a coffin for what they thought to be eternal rest. The funeral was about to begin, they were about to take the coffin out when they heard eerie knocking from inside. They became quiet and heard the man’s thin voice asking softly “what happened, where am I”?
The man’s son later explained: ‘when I heard the noises coming from the coffin I hurried to open it. I was astounded to find that my father was still alive!’

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Son of man thought to be dead

“For the 8 hours we assumed he was dead we kept trying to close the coffin and it kept opening slightly and not closing properly. We thought that the coffin wasn’t properly measured, but now we know why the coffin kept opening, my father was moving inside it!”

Doctors that were called to the scene found the man to be in stable condition and not in danger.  


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