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Dreamed About a Snake? What Does it Mean?

What Does it Mean if I See a Snake in a Dream
What happens if it bites me in the dream?

People are scared of snakes and get scared when dreaming about them. It can be even scarier when the snake bites you in the dream. But we will see in this question and answer that according to the Talmud it’s actually a very good thing!

Q. Hello. I had a dream that I was riding with a friend in a car going to his house that is out in the open countryside. We were driving when I commented, “look at that big snake”! My friend sitting next to the window opened it on purpose and it seems to me he got bitten by the snake. What does this mean? I’d like to hear what you have to say?
Thank You, Meital

A. According to the Talmud seeing a snake in your dream is a good thing. It means that your livelihood will come or be increased. If a person gets bit by a snake his livelihood will double!
Wishing You much success, Rabbi Menashe Yisrael


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